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game of thrones

  1. King Phaedron

    Game of Thrones

    Kings Landing to exist in game... as a city on turn 0... ruled by random player. All other players receive something else in compensation, perhaps a free settler. Presumes to rule over the whole game world... able to demand tributes successfully, all players must comply with tributes or declare...
  2. Blake00

    [Civ2] Civilization II - Game of Thrones Edition (Total Conversion Mod)

    Has anyone else here tried @MattDempsey 's Game of Thrones total conversion mod for Civ2?? It's utterly amazing!!! What's a bit strange is that Matt joined this site in Apr 2019.. posted one of the most amazing Civ2 total conversion mods ever made, updated it a few times and then left again a...
  3. MattDempsey

    Civilization II-Game of Thrones Edition 3.2

    Winter is Coming..... Zip file includes DLL, GIF, Sound and TXT files to turn Civilization II into a world built for Game of Thrones. Comes with a custom Known World XXL Map with starting positions for 14 different kingdoms and leaders from all throughout the Game of Thrones Realm. I hope...
  4. C

    The Very-Many-Questions-Not-Worth-Their-Own-Thread Thread 36

    Previously with I don't even know what the hell language number it is to translate from... Why can't I forget bad things that happened?
  5. C

    [BTS] My Game of Thrones Mod

    Hi, Ive been a lurker for a while, and i had been working on a Game of Thrones mod for Civ 4 a while ago that i abandoned. After reading that modding BTS is a lot easier, i thought i would start again from scratch modding the BTS expansion pack, mainly because my old files are on a laptop i...
  6. S

    Westeros (Custom Map - Work in Progress) 0.1

    A Game of Mods? Not quite... but a first step: Started out by creating a rough map of Westeros! I intend to add Essos in the future... It is currently made as a 128x80 custom map. How to use! (Use the "Play Your Custom Maps" mod to use it...
  7. F

    Noel's Planetos 2017-01-06

    **SUPPORTS MULTIPLAYER** Play custom civilization on a huge map that spanned from Westeros to Essos. From the Lands of Always Winter to the city of Qarth. Inside contains 2 map version. 1. Noel's Planetos: handplaced-accurate resources and Westeros starting location biased. 2. Noel's Planetos...
  8. F

    A World of Ice and Fire v 15

    Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=771723466 **NOT COMPATIBLE WITH INGAME EDITOR** **Updating Affects Saved Games** **Instructions** 1. Subscribe this mod and all the required mods. (see below) 2. Select the mods in-game then load all required mods including 'A...
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