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Yet another PopHead file 2016-10-05

Yet another PopHead file

  1. Ansar
    I realize there are a lot of PopHead variations out there, but I'm just getting into modding and thought I'd tackle the simplest things first. Here is the modified C3C PopHead file I've been using.


    1. Civ specific smilies to better display both mood and nationality.

    2. Civ specific "dot" on specialists to help determine nationality.

    3. Removal of Civ specific coloring on helmets of modern age civil engineers (just looks bad with some colors).

    4. Less red on male entertainer (something I tweaked awhile ago). Other than the civil engineers, they were the only specialist with Civ specific colors, which aren't needed with the "dot".

    5. Rounded shoulders on the middle ages (chainmail) mediteranean male. Original is the blockiest PopHead.

    6. Several smaller tweaks here and there.

    Hope you like,
    Stivo :)