Yuri (Command and Conquer) 2020-09-09

Head of the Psychic Corps

  1. topsecret
    Head of the Psychic Corps

    In a few moments, I will unleash a tidal wave of psychic energy designed to dominate the minds of the entire planet. There will be no more free will, only my will.


    Here's Yuri, Head of the Psychic Corps from the Command and Conquer series, as requested by Zeta Nexus. Hope you enjoy.

    "Yuri is a powerful psychic that was once Premier Romanov's chief advisor and later turned against the world in a bid to take over with his secretly organized personal army. Most likely, he, not Romanov, was the true ruler of the USSR in the 1970s. Yuri relied on mind-control, cloning, advanced magnetic weapons, and laser technology, as well as speed, maneuverability and flexibility to bring him victory on the battlefield."

    Button and XML included.

    ramzay1945 for his Anton Denikin LH, who Yuri is based on.
    Zeta Nexus for the Request.

    Topsecret's Leaderhead Thread

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