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Zulu Empire 0.2

Not identical to the Civ V Zulu Empire

  1. SirAJn8r
    I took Rob (R8XFT)'s Punt civilization and made a new one by bouncing other civilizations off of it and looking at patterns. I took some references from the Civ V's Zulu empire but I couldn't exactly copy it.

    Abilities are:
    Gains an additional militairy government slot.
    Early War:
    Very aggresive early game. Do not get on their bad side.

    Zulu Warrior
    A unique land unit that replaces normal warrior with +10 melee strength. Resulting in 30 total

Recent Updates

  1. Better Naming and decorative text

Recent Reviews

  1. NerdByFate
    Version: 0.2
    Somewhat underwhelming:
    1. Early War isn't even an ability
    2. Zulu Warrior replaces the wrong unit (Impi replaced Pikeman in Civ 5)
    3. No unique building, district, or extra unit (Ikanda in Civ 5 replaced Barracks)

    I understand this was not intended to be exactly like the Civ 5 version, but these important aspects of the Civ should have been replaced or implemented, not completely removed.
  2. Nikae
    Version: 0.2
    Extremely bland.