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  1. Laurana Kanan

    Civtember Anniversary Celebration

    Patch Notes and discussion can be found here: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/august-2023-update-patch-notes-discussion-celebrating-32-years-of-civ.685268/
  2. CGQ

    [BTS] I challenge all of you to try to beat this Immortal map

    I took inspiration from AcaMetis' Noble's club and made a map that I believe will be a nightmare to anyone who tries to beat it. I'm actually very interested in seeing how you approach it. [/SPOILER] I only have it for immortal, I don't know how to make it in world edit so you can change the...
  3. jarcast2

    Jarcast's Nan Madol for VP

    Nan Madol DOWNLOAD | Steam | Pictures Leader - Isokelekel UA - Tiahk En Sapw At :c5science:Masonry workers may build on Atolls Great People Improvements that yield +1 :c5greatperson: Great General point and +10% :c5production: Production toward Wonders. Reefs, Atolls and Coral provide +2...
  4. C

    Guatemala Civilization by CyanCloud

    Leader: Juan José Arévalo Trait: Socialismo Espiritual. You start the game with Pottery and Writing technologies. UB: Escuela Tipo Federación: +1 Science for every 2 citizens in this City. In addition to giving additional science and culture points. City must have a University. First UNW: The...
  5. raen

    Each CIV Favorite´s Wonder Boost! v1.0

    Each Civilization has its favorite wonder, which has a 35% boost in construction. Disclaimer: Not all CIVS have their own wonder, so some I thought about their favorite if it was their one. Associated Wonders to CIVS
  6. Jatofi

    Czechoslovakia Civ and Tomas Garrigue Masaryk

    I created this mod based on the First Czechoslovak Republic that existed in the interwar period. Direct download link Czechoslovakia: Trait: Pillar of Democracy Buildings in the Commercial hub yield Production equal to half their intrinsic yield outputs (round down). Buildings in the...
  7. CGQ

    [BTS] New Isolated Immortal Shadow Game With Zara + Confusing Start

    It's that time again folks! This time with a start that has me absolutely stumped!
  8. Х

    "Modification of Imperi" Hope

    I realized that it is better to develop myself than to develop a virtual hero.
  9. Protok St

    Anchor Ceti DLC 1.15.302 1.14.822

    Anchor Ceti DLC 1.15 public build 1.15.302 released Description Summary: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/anchor-ceti-a-story-in-beyond-earth.664817/ Version History Steam Workshop Page
  10. S

    Custom Leader Ability Applies To ALL Civs

    I made a custom civ and a custom leader for it, and the leader ability spawns a free melee unit every time the player builds a camp or a pasture. It actually worked pretty well, until we found out that this bonus applies to every leader. The ability is not exclusive to my custom leader and I...
  11. Jatofi

    Help with city state suzerain bonus

    I am making Norilsk as a city state, using Sarajevo city state from Gedemo as a template. I can set most things up, but modifiers are really killing me. The suzerain bonus I want to give to my city state: Every mine +1 production Mines on strategic/bonus resources add +1 production on domestic...
  12. C

    Ideas for Civ VII - (semi) Reimagining of the Franchise

    Hey! This is my first post on this forum, I just wanted to share what I want for Civ 7! 1. Climates and Soil Types. Currently, Civilization has no concept of climate other than terrain- which I think doesn't have enough nuance. There could be several climates- hopefully not as much as Koppen's...
  13. Queen Theophania

    What do you think about adding the Northern Paiute people as a Civ?

    Hey everyone, I've recently been reading a lot about the history of Native American peoples and read up a bit on the Northern Paiute, who I think might work fairly well in a game such as Civ. Here's their Wikipedia article if you want to read up on them a bit In short, the Northern Paiute are...
  14. Gameboy2396

    Help with Citizen Names and Named Places (from GS)

    Hello, I think I could use some help. I am making adjustments to Gedemon's Basic Modern Civilizations (YnAMP), and I'm adding names for citizens so that the gossip feature works as it should. They were not added into the mod by Gedemon, so I need to do it myself. I have got the named places...
  15. Boa's Mod Productions

    Civilization VI - Religious Champions (Suggested Religion Gameplay Rework) (Future Mod?)

    So it's been a while since my last thread on unique religious gameplay (Late-Game Religion), and I had always thought about, and couldn't make up my mind on how civs that adopt another civs' religion can contribute to that religion and benefit from it. After all in real history for example...
  16. Duke William of Normandy

    Where are the Balkans in Civilization?

    A simple question: Why have there been no Balkan Civilizations in the Civilization Franchise, like, ever? I just realized that throughout the entire franchise, there have been literally no Balkan Civs. No Yugoslavia, no Bulgaria, no Serbia, no Albania(does that count?), no Croatia, nothing. Why...
  17. sylkachan

    [Vanilla] Greener Terrain request

    I think I've heard of "greener" terrain for the terrain from the original game (that would replace the graphics for normal gameplay). There should be some sort of mod that makes the grasslands greener and the water bluer and the tundra whiter, somewhere. I already have "Snoopy's Terrain", that...
  18. Buster's Uncle

    Apolyton w/o the jerks...

    They've created an invitation-only OTf recently, especially aimed at Old-Timers who've fallen away. Viewable logged-out, only postable by members not known to be insufferable. -If you're an inactive member put off by certain polititrolls and disruptive/prolific persons, *PLEASE* have a look...
  19. sylkachan

    Re-upload request : Wu Zetian civ3

    "Please, post your request in Re-Upload request thread in the main Creation and Customization forum. This sub-forum is for ongoing mod projects only. You will have better chances of the request fulfilled, if you post it there. Thank you! I hope you best luck with finding the LH." I am looking...
  20. Pelo McSoy

    [TUTORIAL] How to Add a Civilization to Sid Meier's Civilization III Conquests Part 1: Adding the Civ v01

    /***Step 01 - Setting Up the .biq & Scenario Folder***/ Step 01-01: Make sure you save the .biq (editor file) to the Scenarios Folder, and create a corresponding folder with the same name. Step 01-02: Open your Scenario Folder, and create the following folders: Art Text /***Step 02 -...
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