1. Troller0001

    Troller0001's (stupid) Graphics Library

    This thread is a collection of graphics for units, improvements, etc. Feel free to adapt these or use them in your own mod, but credit (or a link to this thread or the relevant resource) would be appreciated! Unit Graphics Super Mario (v1) Resource Link...
  2. Troller0001

    Tutorial/Walkthrough - Rigging a Unit Model for Civ 5

    A tutorial written by a beginner, for other beginners 3D modding is not something many people attempt. It's time consuming, prone to mistakes, and utilities have been updated over the past few years making older tutorials partially outdated (although their core approach is still valid). This...
  3. J

    Help with changing unit meshes and textures

    Hi! I've been trying a new aspect of modding, that is changing the 3D models. I have basically no experience in 3D modelling, but I was able to create a conical hat for a Musketman (to make an ashigaru). However, I can't get the textures to work. The hat shows a part of the Musketmans helmet as...
  4. vectorplexus

    Editing Leaders

    I'm trying to edit some of the Leader graphics but I'm having a few problems... (probably @Deliverator should be able to answer me) The mod shows up in the game, yet when enabled doesn't get "registered" on the save. I'm not sure if this is relevant, since I'm just doing a graphic mod to...
  5. Deliverator

    Blender Scripts for Civilization V and Civilization VI 16.4

    These are scripts for importing/exporting Civ V graphics to/from Blender via the Nexus Buddy 2 tool and Civ VI graphics to/from Blender via the CivNexus6 tool. 16.4 Update * Fixes NA2 animation import for 2.8+ (including 3.x) versions of Blender. 16.3 Update * Re-instate correct BR2 export...
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