air combat

  1. M

    Air units in Civ 6 are too powerful, yet badly coded

    Air units in civ 6 are very powerful. To the point that if you have them and your opponent doesn't, you've probably won the game even if they are ahead of you in unit power. However there are some problems that I'd like fixed: 1.) Deployed fighters are easy to forget to use. Most units...
  2. internetuserpi

    [Vanilla] Eliminating Air Defenses

    hi, I’m trying to bomb an enemy city into submission, but my stealth bombers keep getting shot down by interceptors. Neither of us has a tech advantage. I’m wondering what the best way to eliminate these air defenses is. I've been trying to use overwhelming numbers of stealth bombers, but I’m...
  3. chordate

    [GS] How to attack an air fighter, which is on patrol duty?

    It may be a stupid question, but I am wondering can we use my air fighter to attack enemey's air fighter? If enemy's air fighter is at ground, then we can attck it directly. But when the enemy's air fighter is on patrol duty, seems we can only use anti-air force (like missle cruiser) to attack...
  4. FearSunn

    What exactly is wrong with Air combat?

    People frequently complaining about AI air combat capabilities. Could someone please explain me what exactly is the problem? Because in my games computer: a) builds air units (bombers and fighters), b) uses them offensively and defensevely. In my current game I was slow with air defenses and...
  5. Victoria

    Air Combat

    In the Tips & tricks there was a question on air combat, specifically about protecting carriers. Ref. Question: how do you counter air units defending cities? I have never done much on this area as its late in the game and the AI has never really bothered although I naturally have used bombers...
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