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  1. Brixter

    Preslav wall loyalty and amenity

    Preslav is close to useless and this mod makes it more useful. 1. Walls grant +2 loyalty bonus instead of Encampment buildings. 2. Adds +1 amenity to Encampment buildings.
  2. Milennin

    [GS] All my cities have negative amenities

    Honestly, I'm a total noob at this game, despite having sunk a few hundred hours into it. I started a new game recently, and noticed just about all my cities have negative amenities (in the -2 and -3 range), even though my civilization is doing pretty well and being ahead of all the CPU...
  3. megabearsfan

    Should amenity policies be buffed?

    Since last year's patch that re-worked the thresholds for amenity bonuses, I've been finding that amenity has become more and more of a non-factor in my games. In recent games that I've been playing with Babylon, Byzantium, and now Vietnam, I've been noticing that a lot of my cities are holding...
  4. Zoltan Messzi

    Amenity distribution should have priority settings or the algorithm should be improved

    I haven't found a way to set priorities for the amenity distribution algorithm (if there is one then please let me know). Case in point: I took over a free state and managed to get down Loyalty from -23 to -4 and would be able to make it to -1 if I could set the priorities, so the city would be...
  5. Victoria

    Civ VI Amenities and Happiness Guide

  6. Z

    Increase amenity for 2nd and 3rd copy

    Basically, I want 2nd and 3rd copies to give +1 amenity each, so a player can have 5 and 6 happiness from 2-3 diamonds for example. I just don't know how to ^^ I tried to see how they check for number of an amenity in your empire, but I can't find anything. Can anyone help?
  7. Iron Angel

    Amenity Guide

    Amenities is the new happiness factor in Civilization VI. Use the quick-links in the contents table below to jump to the topic that interests you. This guide will be continuously updated whenever needed. Contents: What does 'Amenity' mean? Got it. But how do I get amenities in Civilization VI...
  8. Iron Angel

    [Vanilla] Amenity Guide

    Iron Angel submitted a new resource: Amenity Guide - Amenity Guide Read more about this resource...
  9. E

    The new Civ 6 mechanics... how they works? they work better or need some changes?

    So, I was playing the Civ4 and Civ5 games a lot, and every game has his unique game mechanics. The last entry in the series, Civ 6, of course has his own new mechanis and improvements, art style and design. I was playing for about 3 or 4 days the new Civ 6 and I have some questions because...
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