1. Merkava120

    Hunting and Hunger 1.0

    Adds a bunch of new animals (the ones from my animal spawning modcomp, which includes this), changes all heal rates to nearly 0, and adds damage outside borders ("hunger") which can be healed by hunting animal units. The damage outside borders can be disabled in the file by setting...
  2. Vuldacon

    New Unit: Coyote - November 28, 2016

    No, it's not Wiley Coyote :lol: but a "Real" Coyote with Excellent Hunting Skills, Very Sharp Teeth and Fast Reflexes. If you want a Coyote that will Attack and Defend in your game, this unit is for you. Preview: note that the Flc speeds are better in game. Default - Fidget - Default -...
  3. Vuldacon

    Coyote 2016-11-28

    This is an Attacking Coyote animal unit for your game. All Flcs and Sounds with a ReadMe file Included, ready to install. You can visit the Thread to see previews Here
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