1. O

    Help with Installing a modpack for singleplayer

    Hi all, This is the first time I've attempted to create a modpack for use in single-player games. I want to earn achievements while playing with my favorite mods, so I found these threads on creating and installing modpacks.
  2. AaronTBD

    Asking for some tips for modding

    I'm planning to start modding soon with my fist civ of several ideas can modders give me some tips before I start modding?
  3. CanusAlbinus

    PolyCast 351: Console School

    The three hundred-and-fifty-first episode of PolyCast, “Console School“, features regular co-hosts CanusAlbinus, Stephanie “Makahlua”, Philip “TheMeInTeam”, and Jason “MegaBearsFan” Grade and discusses the following: Topics - This episode is dedicated to the new consolve players of...
  4. bradebuque

    Hi, I am new to the game, I dont know what techs should I prioritize

    Hi, there are a lot of techs in the game, and I pick the ones that takes less time to research, without other strategy. What techs should I prioritize, generaly speaking? And in a diplomatic victory scenario? And in a cultural and scientific scenarios? I have read somewhere in the forum that...
  5. R

    [GS] Noob here, how to make a save update new mod values?

    Question. I made changes in my mod file that I'm using for one save, but the changes don't apply when I reload that save. It is just a value change, no line added. Only line I added was the AffectsSavedGames line in .modinfo but that didn't do anything. Any way I can make the save update the values?
  6. Yell0w

    Questions that come up while playing Civ 6 for the first time

    Hej people, after a long while I just yesterday got Civ 6 (all DLC + Rise & Fall). I have played Civ 4 and EitB quite a bit and couldn't make the transition to Civ 5. In my opinion this game is still horrible to this day... Anyways I love Civ 6 so far but there are some questions that come with...
  7. SoehnelS

    Available Objects in LUA

    Hello! I started coding with LUA to get the possibility for more Statistics. (In a far away future I want to create political maps.) Thanks to the helpfull posts of different peoples here! In a first step I want to save data in an external file, without success (only the Lua.log is possible)...
  8. B

    Not sure what I'm doing wrong?

    I have no clue how the AI on the second easiest difficulty is completely whooping me but they are lol. I usually will get into first in literacy at the start, and will have a super low ranked army, like 8 out of 8 players on demograhics but can fight my way out of a war ahead if one starts, but...
  9. Creestab

    Hand-Written Mod Not Displaying In List

    Hi Guys! So I'm new to the whole modding seen more or less, but I'v studied college level computer science, am a budding game designer, and have played video games my whole life (various Civ games for about a decade.) I'm currently on a Mac for the next couple weeks and thus do not have access...
  10. cromcrom

    Cromcrom lua stuff and questions about terrain features attrition mod

    Crédits: Gedemon LeeS Infixo TheRealHellBlazer Isau Gleb Bazov And all the fine people sharing their knowledge and being helpful or supportive. I don't want to clutter the main LUA thread with my noob questions and bits of codes, so I am opening this thread. Ultimately, I want to create a mod...
  11. Lorthirk

    How to introduce a friend to Civ6? (or... how to re-learn the game again?)

    Hi all. I have been in love with Civ V, and despite not playing it that much ("only" scored 286 hours on Steam) because of having generally little time for gaming, I immediately bought VI when it was announced. I'm not regretting it a little bit, because I know has huge potential and I deeply...
  12. Naeshar

    [Improvement] How do you create Improvements?

    Hello fellow Civfanatics! I started modding a while ago and I enjoy it a lot. However I already hit limits in what can be done, and it is good. Except I cannot add an improvement without breaking UI and found no hint on the forums. What I did: (actually I tested this with Machiavellis xml (a...
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