Help with Installing a modpack for singleplayer


Jul 15, 2022
Hi all,

This is the first time I've attempted to create a modpack for use in single-player games. I want to earn achievements while playing with my favorite mods, so I found these threads on creating and installing modpacks.

Creating the modpack was easy enough, but now I don't know why things are not working. I ran into the same issue as this user on Reddit-
So, I ended up deleting this mod, and I'm still having issues with getting mods to appear in single-player. I created an account here on CivFanatics to ask about this, and now here we are.

Can anyone more knowledgeable walk me through what mistakes I'm making? I'll be happy to answer any questions and follow instructions as best I can.

Thank you, I appreciate your time and guidance in advance.
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