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  1. A

    [BTS] I would like to make a mod with autonomy.

    Hi, while creating the mod, I came up with the idea of autonomy, i.e. civilizations that can develop the country and earn on raw materials from those areas and create cities. Autonomy, however, would not be able to train or use the army (unless the country to which the autonomy belongs declares...
  2. A

    Adding vanilla unique unit to a civ - crash

    Hello, I added some vanilla unique units to Byzantium: <CivilizationTraits> <Row CivilizationType="CIVILIZATION_BYZANTIUM" TraitType="TRAIT_CIVILIZATION_BYZANTIUM"/> <Row CivilizationType="CIVILIZATION_BYZANTIUM" TraitType="TRAIT_CIVILIZATION_DISTRICT_HIPPODROME"/>...
  3. Buffalo Solider

    [BTS] Playing map music while screen closeup

    I DID IT ! Answer is to replace : <CitySoundscapes> [...] [...] [...] </CitySoundscapes> with <CitySoundscapes/> in "game_path/adequate_mod_path/Assets/XML/GameInfo/CIV4EraInfos.xml if you found no CIV4EraInfos.xml in your mod path it means it is "inherited" from mod that is 1 "step"...
  4. md4

    [C3C] Combat overhaul mod

    Hello again, I'm planning a fairly ambitious new mod (by my humble standards) which is going to completely overhaul the combat values of just about every unit in the game. One of the primary goals is to provide some more nuance—especially in the ancient era—where it's difficult to make minor...
  5. T

    Help Fixing Slavery Mod

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows why with IcyFire's Slavery mod, I get 100s of AI slave units appearing all of a sudden? It only happens with the AI, but after a little while, a 10X10 hex of solid slave units appears in the AI territory and surrounding area. I would like to get...
  6. Imnoob

    Monopolies window tooltip

    Hi! How Can I turn off this tool-tip? Thanks
  7. T

    FTP (First. Time. Player) Issues--Customization and Worldbuilder Editin

    I'm an avid BTS player who took a 5 year hiatus and only recently got back on the bandwagon a month ago. As a lover of mods, and through a recommendation of a friend, I decided to download and install Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn to test it out play it. From first impressions, the mod seems...
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