[BTS] Playing map music while screen closeup

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Aug 11, 2016
I DID IT ! Answer is to replace :
with <CitySoundscapes/>
in "game_path/adequate_mod_path/Assets/XML/GameInfo/CIV4EraInfos.xml
if you found no CIV4EraInfos.xml in your mod path it means it is "inherited" from mod that is 1 "step" above. (for RFC this is Civ IV BTS, for Civ IV BTS that would be Civ IV . This is just example, but RFC actually don't have EraInfos, so solution would be to look in Civ IV BTS)

Now it works, but after entering city map music plays, but more silently. It would be cool if someone helped me find settings for "not making it more silent" once in city view. I will share my solution if I find one.

Question to XML masters - have you ever found some setting that would make it so game DON'T make map music silent whenever I enter city?

I started clicking on city bars instead of on cities, because I just very much don't like when music that I like is stopped and continued, faded in and out over and over again, but - while it works in vanilla/bts - it isn't really an option in modded playthroughs. Some mods expand on city screen to the point where you can't do everything in "clicked-on-city-bar" mode.

Edit : I glanced over "Interface" folder and couldn't find anything related
I'm looking into "XML/Audio/Audio2(and3)DScripts.xml" and those are looking promissing, but at the same time I don't see how just defining one music would fade out another music, so maybe it's not here either.

Edit : Aah, I don't know. For now I will just find what music to copy from era infos and play it in external player. That way no matter what happens ambient music stays with me.

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You could try experimenting with CAMERA_START_DISTANCE and FIELD_OF_VIEW in GlobalDefines.xml. (Or with the field-of-view slider when using the BUG mod.) I think CAMERA_START_DISTANCE is the distance at which the era music plays at maximal volume. I suspect that the only thing that changes wrt. music when entering the city screen – when no city soundscapes are defined – is the camera distance. If it zooms in, the era music gets turned down and the leader music gets turned up. The FIELD_OF_VIEW value affects the camera distance on the city screen and will also affect your typical camera distance and angle while playing (i.e. when the city screen isn't up).
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