1. P

    Late Game AI 8.29

    IMPORTANT: 1. This mod was designed for use in combination with Infixo's "Real Strategy" mod. It also works fine without it or with other mods like AI+, but the AI will be a lot worse at getting a culture victory, will generally win quite a bit slower and will also be worse at defending their...
  2. Bliss

    [R&F] Just started playing RF years after purchasing the base game, tried an Immortal game and [...]

    [...] I know people find the AI to be very bad, but my case looks a bit too much. My game seems broken. Are these numbers correct? I have three times the science output of the 2nd most scientific civ.
  3. Zobtzler

    Issues with custom difficulty icons not showing up in game

    I have added a custom difficulty (apart from settler, chieftain etc). I've added the .dds and .tex files, xlps etc. The only thing that seems to be missing is a column in the database where each difficulty is connected to each icon. For reference: The Players table has two columns called...
  4. chordate

    [GS] AI bonus in each era start (different from ancient era)?

    There is detailed bonus for AI if we start from ancient era: https://civilization.fandom.com/wiki/Difficulty_level_(Civ6) However, what if we start from different era? For example if we start from industrial era, we will have the starting position as: "two Settlers, two Scouts, two Crossbowmen...
  5. MyopicCat

    Deity++ 1.0

    Want a more difficult single player challenge? You've come to the right place. This mod adds two new difficulty levels, Deity+ and Deity++, by extrapolating linearly the AI bonus progression of starting units and yield boosts. The mod also adds two alternative rulesets, in which the AI gets...
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