Late Game AI buffs the AI's late game by adding stat/yield modifiers that scale with game/player era and difficulty.
The AI will be very able to compete in the later stages of the game and consequently the difficulties Prince to Deity will be much harder.
Now also adds two extra difficulties above Deity (Pro and Insane).

For people like me who think it's sad that the AI just falls off a cliff later into the game and just want them to scale a bit better, but also for people who are looking for a challenge after getting bored of Deity.

-This mod was designed for use in combination with Infixo's "Real strategy" mod (link below). It also works fine without it, but the AI is a lot worse at getting a culture victory and generally wins quite a bit slower.
-If you are using BBG, change the victory requirements to standard as the AI wins way too fast otherwise
-Play one difficulty lower than you are used to, as this mod straight up buffs the AI's stats. And the difficulties above Deity have extra player era science/culture modifers, good luck beating them.

Even though I am confident that I have a difficulty for everyone, a big point of this mod was to create the hardest difficulties yet seen that don't entirely focus on early game bullying.
Prince and King are both suited for inexperienced players.
Emperor will require a decent gameplan but should still allow messing around, while Immortal and Deity will be challenging.
I recommend playing on King, Emperor or Immortal for people like me who are just looking for an AI that has a better late game.

WARNING: Immortal is already harder than unmodded Deity. Deity is very hard, and the higher difficulties are pretty crazy. The AI (with the Real Strategy mod I wrote about above) will consistently win a cultural or scientific victory around turn 230 without interference on Deity.
I STRONGLY advise you to start one level below your usual unmodded difficulty. Even the lower difficulties (not lower than Prince though) deliver a greatly improved experience and they have been tested thoroughly. Please just lower the difficulty if you think it's too hard.

Late Game AI includes extensive changes and additions to all AI stat scalings in an effort to diversify AI Strengths (for example nerfing many early stats like (wonder) production and gold but buffing other areas like food and amenities). So even though the mod's name is Late Game AI (because the late game is the main selling point in my opinion), I have also made several changes to rebalance the early game.
The AI scaling was designed to simulate player progress: Lower science/culture/production in the early/mid game, but really gets going later on.

But, unlike similar mods, this mod does NOT remove any bonus starting settlers or builders (or combat strength bonus) the AI gets. They are needed in my opinion because the AI can really struggle with settling in the early game and combat in general.

I have only tested this mod for standard speed, Ancient era start and Gathering Storm.

I made this mod by merging many other mods with a similar idea and by adding my own ideas later.
People whose mods/code I used: lornard/Gabriel, JNR, RushSecond, schwarzpol, Kaige Lindberg, MyopicCat

Steam workshop link with example pictures and full changes list:

Real strategy by Infixo:
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  3. Version 3.1

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  9. Version 2.3.

    -Nerfed low difficulty tourism from 5-50% to 3-40% per difficulty/era
  10. Version 2.2.

    -Combat Strength difficulty bonus reverted to 0-6 from 2-8.
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