1. PDX Firefly

    Developer Diary | Achievements, Modding & Multiplayer

    Welcome to one of our final pre-launch Design Diaries. I am Robert “Xemu” Fermier, co-designer and lead programmer of Millennia. Today I would like to cover an area that is very near and dear to my heart, Achievements! But before we dive into those, I also wanted to say a few words about the...
  2. Alvarez_Player

    [BTS] Waiting for player bug

    So, I'm coming back to hotseat BTS games and after finding two more interested people the game got stuck at the end of first turn with a "waiting for player" bug. I remember I got these the last time I played with some folks here (think that may have been some 8-10 years ago, by the age of my...
  3. K

    Hotseat a scenario you created with mods

    Hey guys, I've been going around the forum trying to find an answer but cannot figure it out I created a map with a scenario (custom civs and city states), some of which are from Mods. I'd like to play the game in hotseat with my other mods activated (ie Emigration, IGE, Extra Wonders, etc...)...
  4. A

    Suggestions to Firaxis/Aspyr for Hotseat

    Having been fortunate enough to try some hotseat multiplayer matches of Civ VI with friends and family, I have to say it's by far the best feature the developers decided to include. It's been fairly simple to teach to everyone and they all really seem to like it, and of course different...
  5. Master_Chaz

    GS Hot Seat Max Player Cap?

    Having some issues trying to allow more than 12 players in a hot seat game. Changed the StagingRoom.lua file and the changes were only available in Single Player. Has anyone experienced this issue or have a solution?
  6. Atroliernes

    Problem with Hotseat multiplayer with YnAMP

    Hi Gedemon, thanks for the quality modding content you've been doing ! (I don't know if this is a know issue with the mod, but since I didn't find it in the above threads, I thought it could help you. Feel free to delete this if it's not relevant) I play a lot of Civ6 Hotseat with my...
  7. regeneration64

    Hotseat highlights & niggles

    Hello all, My fiancé and I play a lot of good ol' fashioned couch co-op hotseat games together, playing as a team against the AI. We love working together as a team to achieve whatever victory best suits. The fact that one of us can work towards a tech/civic and the other gets the eureka once...
  8. MisterBoomBoom

    Multiplayer (human & AI mixed) Hotseat. Saladin Missing But Took his Prophet.

    Latest version with all addons. Multiplayer- hotseat. small world with ten players . Three of which are assigned to the computer to play (Norway-Aztec-Arabia). FYI Saladin was in the LAST spot on the setup screen as player 10. I included Nine CS's. Found out that Saladin never populated the map...
  9. nzcamel

    New African Lake...

    I've gotta that a lake that Firaxis have decided belongs in Libya/Egypt?? :wow: :nope: :lol:
  10. L

    Online Hotseat mod

    Ok so I know this is probably impossible but I wish a mod could be created that allows online Hotseat games. I.e. 2 or more humans on one PC and internet connection vs 2 or more humans on another PC and internet connection. It is extremely difficult to find like-minded players online and most...
  11. L

    How to make mods work properly in HOTSEAT?

    Does anyone know how to make Text Changes within mods to display correctly in HOTSEAT mode? A lot of my text appears as code strings. I have installed 2 mods: Biao's Strategic Resource and Tech Tree Mod; and 8 Ages of War Both are great and work perfectly in Single Player. But in HOTSEAT...
  12. F

    help with hotseat

    good morning, i have an issue playing hotseat with my brother, in my turn (im germany) i cant pass the turn, because " unit waiting for orders", at first, was a spy in a city, but now the spy is travelling, and the freaking game doesnt want to end my turn! i have move every unit i have, and...
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