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  1. Boa's Mod Productions

    [NFP] Civilization VI - Late-Game Religion Suggestions (Future Mod?)

    So as many of you have noticed, there's a lot of action towards Religion in the early game, but from the Renaissance era to the late game onward, it gets pretty bland and repetitive. The Government building for religion (Grand Master's Chapel) is literally a Tier 2 Building, unlike the...
  2. nzcamel

    [NFP] POLL: Secret societies and the late game

    Having just played the first era of an Ethiopian game with Secret Societies involved, I can't help but wonder if the devs have missed a beat by making SS a mode, rather than in the main game, and having them kick in from the beginning of the game, rather than later on. There will be multiple...
  3. tobacco merchant

    Civ VI - Late game exploration + adding a 'legend' aspect

    Would just like to know your honest thoughts on my ideas, I'm not a dev so I don't know how feasible these are. I am sure you can build, improve or dismiss my ideas with good reason. Late game exploration I've always felt the early game to be the most interesting because you're exploring and...
  4. SaiH

    [R&F] Loyality, inner stability and a more exiting late game

    In terms of loyalty there is much room for improvement, especially with regard to a more exciting lategame. The fact that religion now has an effect on loyalty is a good step in the right direction. Loyality really offers many other possibilities. E.g. government and policy card changes could...
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