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  1. Brixter

    How to check for missing localized text?

    When I create mods, I do the logic first and then the text. I just create a text variable like LOC_SOMETHING_DESCRIPTION and define it later. But often times, I totally forget it and I just notice the missing text in game. Is there an easy way to check which LOC_* text identifiers don't have...
  2. F

    Enhanced User Interface - Italian Translation

    Hi all, first of all thank you so much @bc1 for your amazing job on EUI. I'm a CivV (very) occasional player and I came across your mod while trying to learn how to beat Deity. I was impressed by the amount of useful features you provide with EUI so I decided to translate it to Italian 🇮🇹 You...
  3. F

    [SOLVED] [SQL] Problem with updating building description

    I'm trying to update the text of the shipyard building description but it does not seem to work. UPDATE LocalizedText SET Text='+25% combat experience for all naval units trained in this city. Bonus [ICON_Production] Production equal to the adjacency bonus of the Harbor district. +50%...
  4. CivilizationAce

    How to reference localized text in Lua?

    I figure it doesn't make sense to hard code my text and I want to use Game.AddWorldViewText(0, sPopup, iX, iY, 0). However I don't know how to make that second parameter show the text in the appropriate language from the localized text. I searched for Localized in the existing Lua, without...
  5. donald23

    Brothel Building 0.1

    A brothel. An ancient building, providing diseases, fun and 'discrete' services for gold through the ages. Provides +1 Amenities to your cities.
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