1. Narz

    What are you missing & what are you appreciating?

    What aspects of non-corona society do you miss the most? I mostly miss gym, chess club, people watching, yoga classes, kava bar. In pretty much that order. I'm appreciating less traffic in the streets and it might be placebo but the air smells better. I also feel less social shame about being...
  2. Exterrestrial

    Missing leaders in multiplayer?

    Hello, I want to play a multiplayer session with a friend and there are leaders missing for both of us. For example Sejong, Eleanor etc. We validated game files and they are still not available. Has someone any idea how to fix this?
  3. Miguel Angel

    [R&F] Missing dlc's in worldbuilder

    Hi all, I hope that someone can help me with this problem once support doesn´t say nothing. After R&F installed, when i create a new map and save with the worldbuilder i see all my dlc's in the map, but when i load this map only have vikings and expansion dlc. Anyone has this problem too and...
  4. theLateWizard

    Missing Civilizations from G&K and BNW

    Hi I am having an issue with the steam copy of my civilization V game. I have installed, reinstalled the game, and individually reinstalled the DLC's. In game, when I go to the DLC menu, both expansions are listed there and set to active. When I go to play a new game, I don't have _any_ of...
  5. paschendale

    Compatibility Files and the Luxuries

    Well hello everyone, I'm a huge noob when it comes do modding (and playing above Emperor) but I was bored and decided to give CBP a try. I downloaded the .exe file and tried the automated instalation, selected to install without the EUI because my PC is kinda humble. I activated all MOD's (I...
  6. B

    Civ VII missing must have feature ability to raze districts

    After two patches I see that ability to raze districts is still missing and this is must have thing in game! After I see that we cannot raze delete districts I practically stop play Civ VI and back to V + slow AI speed My option is that we must have delete option for districts because In begin...
  7. Missing Words

    Missing Words

    Where's the words gone?
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