1. Crezth

    How much war score is posting?

    So I notice you guys have been posting very hard at each other in the Ukraine Russia thread talking about who is really responsible for the war, you know, which nations need to be obliterated, which civilian populations are valid targets, and in the midst of all this I’m left asking: who is...
  2. Birdjaguar

    [RD] Russia Invades Ukraine: The 7th Thread Itch; scratch it here!

    And we begin again. As we go forward we all recognize that both sides are in a propaganda war and accept that is ongoing. There is no need to get into arguments over which sources are propaganda or not. Each side may provide links to news and each thread participant can decide for themselves...
  3. Birdjaguar

    Russia's Future

    This is a speculation thread on what Russia's future might look like across the spectrum of arenas that might include: As part of the international community Militarily Economically Politically As a place to live As Climate changes As the war winds down and the rest of the world assesses its...
  4. Kyriakos

    Erdogan: Nato isn't strong enough to stand against Turkey

    The gift that keeps on giving -- but it is good that in such a case Turkey is out of Nato, else this is just ridiculously poor arithmetic :D Some days ago, we first had an advisor to Erdo, namely Erdogan's chief advisor Bulut, who declared that "not the 6th fleet (ie the US fleet in the med)...
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