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  1. I

    [GS] ArtDef and new unit

    I think I'm going nuts. I created a new Civ and all is going great except for one thing, I can't change the graphics for the new unit, it shows up as a Warrior and when the unit goes into combat the game pauses/drags way longer than it should. I have gone through a few tutorials here and...
  2. CptBadger

    Suggestion: new unit Military Convoy

    I've been thinking about the fact that we have land transport units that can transport combat units, but can/will be killed in a wolf attack, let alone native raid or European combat. I was thinking of having a land transport with a strength of around 7-8 (in current proportions) call it...
  3. Matsuda123

    Meso-American Bombard 2.0

    The second in the new line of, "What-if" style graphics. A replacement of European bombards for the Meso culture group. :) A Civilization IV conversion from utahjazz7's Aztec Mortar for Civilization III. Original concept by utahjazz7. Model by Matsuda123, Texture by Kine100, and Animation by...
  4. N

    [GS] Getting AI to use customized builder unit

    I made a builder identical to the vanilla Builder, except he only has 1 build charge. I gift him to players (human and AI) with a lua script. Everything is working fine, except the AI refuses to use the custom Builder unless he is both able to be trained in a city and cheaper than the vanilla...
  5. M

    Can you help with getting a new unit mod to work?

    Hello, I would like to create and release a new unit for Civilization VI, but I need to ask for a volunteer or two to help out on completing the mod - that is, getting it to work. I have got part of it done. It shows up in the Civilopedia and the unit is buildable (currently using the builder...
  6. Matsuda123

    New "What If" Units + Suggestions

    Hello, I'm in the process of designing two "what if" units currently. The theme for these two is: What if the Japanese created their own Ironclads? I'm curious to hear suggestions about what to add, if anything, to them. The first one is based on the Monitor. Rotating turret and all, but...
  7. T

    Kris Swordsman from Civ5

    Firstly I wanted to say thanks to every modder, you are amazing ! I wanted to request Kris Swordsman from Civ5. What I want mostly is his ability to gain a promotion from a defined pool. I would be happy even if you will replace any unit in the game with it without new arts and new civ.
  8. JohnCJR

    Modbuddy new unit help

    Hi. I am presently trying to add a new unit to the game using the modbuddy new unit template and looking at the files of others who have managed to figure this out. I am unable to get my unit to work. I load the game, it recognizes my mod on the additional content screen, I then try and start...
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