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  1. Recursive

    Peace Logic for Upcoming 1.1 Version

    Here's the revised peace logic for the upcoming version 1.1, in great detail. Feel free to suggest how this could be improved. Wrote this up somewhat hastily so feel free to ask if anything seems unclear. [PART 1: INITIAL CHECKS] 1. Peace Blocked - If game options "Permanent War" or...
  2. Greywulf

    Peacemaker ideas for Diplomacy.

    A couple of ideas from the peacemaker side of me that would be nice for the game... 1) The option to forgive grievances, which improves relations with AI civs. Say a civ had declared war with you and accumulated grievances, later on when you are at peace again, you can erase those grievances...
  3. Z

    Reworking Trade: No more 30 turn deals, new Treaties and more

    As everyone knows, trading in Civ 6 with the AI is a frustrating enterprise that has and remains riddled with exploits, inconsistencies and general annoyingness. The pricing of resources, diplomatic favor and other mechanics is frustrating and RSI inducing, but often necessary in Deity AI...
  4. R

    RPPB Units Martyred Screen 2.0

    RPPB Units Martyred Screen -------------------------------------- 11/05/19 After getting a massive number of requests to be able to edit names of units at any level, I tried to find a solution for it. Despite trying various ways to achieve it, I couldn't find an exact solution for it, the...
  5. Omega Alden

    [R&F] [VidLP] Deity Cree - Pass That Peace Pipe

    This is the start of my Cree game (standard/continents/deity) where I'm looking to secure a peaceful cultural victory. This is not a style of play that I'm accustomed to, and any advice is greatly appreciated. I record two of these videos a day so there is definitely time to get in advice and...
  6. M

    [] Peace Treaty Unit Boarder Conflict Bug

    Sorry for the name, but I don't know what's causing it. I was playing as Brazil and was at war with Kongo. We had a peace treaty and thus my units withing Kongo's borders were moved outside the borders. However, some were moved within the borders of another civ, England. We have had an open...
  7. B

    Make Peace Exploit?

    When attempting to make peace with a AI civ after I captured a good portion of their empire, I find that not only are they willing to cede me the cities I took over, but they are also usually willing to give me some other, and in a lot of cases all their other cities but their capital. Is...
  8. Joan of Arc #2

    Joan of Arc #2

    Anything for peace.
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