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  1. S

    How to host a multiplayer game of 5 players on PS4?

    So, the first game me and a group of friends made was 5 players online but everytime after that whenever the fifth player joins they are told that the lobby is full. We've tried creating games the exact same as we did then. Just base game on True Earth Start with Barbarian Clans and Tech...
  2. Ghenghis Jason

    Stave Church and Hercules (2 bugs, maybe 3)

    Playing on PS4 with the latest version, noted in standard game, English language. First- Playing as Norway, the Stave Church description is in Spanish (and only that one section) in the initial load screen when resuming a game. Second- the hero Hercules- his ability to destroy and pillage...
  3. T

    GOTM on PS4?

    I used to play GOTM with Civ3. I am playing civ6 on my PS4. Is there any way I can participate?
  4. S

    PS4 crashing Version 1.10

    I have been having crashes on PS4 in the November patch very frequently late game. I am playing on a large map with 8 AI. The last game I played went perfectly fine, however two games ago I also experienced late game crashes. I believe it has to do either with large maps or with Gaul. Both of...
  5. R

    Walk like an egyptian achievement

    Hi everyone. I have been trying to unlock this achievement on the ps4. I have build the pyramids on a desert tile and after I build a sphinx on a desert tile. Both the same time. But I just can't unlock for some reason. Any help would be much appreciated thanks
  6. HankySpanky


    Hi all, seen loads of threads and people getting receiving host information error. Simply put there is no fix to this issue. PS4 user here, 4th player will never be able to connect to game. Tried everything, 2k ticket, changed ip, every bit of advice online. reason you guys have seen threads...
  7. N

    PS4 How to use gold in the city?

    Hi, I have the basic CIV6 version on PS4 and I am able to use it with the controller, except the gold in a city, per example acquiring o completing a unit or building, etc...Any suggestion?
  8. M

    Mods on consoles

    I wonder that is it possible to get mods on consoles? For example is there any way to download mods on ps4?
  9. W

    Can you play true earth map on PS4?

    Hey, Trying to figure out if I can play the true earth map/location on PS4? Every time I try to start my civilization in Australia (on the Australian continent) I end up on another continent and the Australian landmass doesn’t even show up. Is the true earth map a PC only thing? Or am I...
  10. CanusAlbinus

    PolyCast 351: Console School

    The three hundred-and-fifty-first episode of PolyCast, “Console School“, features regular co-hosts CanusAlbinus, Stephanie “Makahlua”, Philip “TheMeInTeam”, and Jason “MegaBearsFan” Grade and discusses the following: Topics - This episode is dedicated to the new consolve players of...
  11. CanusAlbinus

    PolyCast 350: Adding It All Together

    The three hundred-and-fiftieth episode of PolyCast, “Adding It All Together“, features regular co-hosts CanusAlbinus, Stephanie “Makahlua”, Philip “TheMeInTeam”, and Jason “MegaBearsFan” Grade and discusses the following: News - 00h01m46s | Civilization VI Released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox...
  12. D

    ps4 infinit "waiting for players turn"

    afew days ago I started a game. I maxed out the amount of nations. near the end of the game it came up with the vote and blue screened. it did this 4 times stopping me from moving to the next turn. I decided to start a new game.thinking it was an issue with to many nations so this time about 10...
  13. F

    [GS] [PS4] Cant connect to multiplayer/CIV 6 servers

    My friend and I both got CIV 6, and no matter what we do we can't join each other's multiplayer games. It just leaves us at the main menu when we accept the invite, and we don't appear in the public games list. Are the servers non existent, or did I just pay like $120 AUD for a game that doesn't...
  14. C

    For Development Team

    I understand there are no current plans for a console version as of yet. just know we are here and we are patiently waiting. Dont forget about us or count us out for good.
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