1. Brixter

    Fixed Ranged and Siege promotions

    There are some Ranged and Siege promotions that don't behave as expected. Features: 1. Garrison (Ranged) - Before: Attack and Defend - After: Attack only - This removes a ridiculous scenario. Currently, an Archer with Garrison promotion defending in an open tile gets +10 CS when attacked by...
  2. H

    [] [Switch ver.] Encampments containing units can't ranged strike

    Without a cursor to click the red ranged strike icon, cities and encampments must be selected first to navigate to ranged strike the left stick, as far as I'm aware. The problem is that when encampments are occupied, the occupying unit is selected as priority, and on selecting the switch unit...
  3. T

    [BNW] Is it possible to give a Civilian Unit a RANGED CS?

  4. Funhaver

    [GS] [ (426563)] Arrow Storm gives +7 Combat Strength on defense (426563) Hi! Arrow Storm is giving my opponent a +7 Combat Strength bonus on defense. I expect that it should not. The image shows the bonus when the attacker is Melee, but it holds true when attacked by a Naval Bombard class (from the mod Warfare Expanded Complete Edition) or Siege...
  5. AzraelZephyrian

    [MOD] My first real mod! Industrial Combat Overhaul--yes, I'm making an overhaul

    Here it is! Bandicam 2019-04-16 04-23-50-499 by AzraelZephyrian posted Apr 16, 2019 at 4:30 AM Adds some new units, new fortifications--foxholes and foxhole outposts (which can be used to claim land with your millitary units), extends range of several gunpowder units, makes stock gunpowder...
  6. A

    [BNW] A Melee vs. Ranged Discussion in Multiplayer

    I play Multiplayer a lot, and I recently played a team game with players who were really good and generally better than me. I got rushed and stood for awhile but eventually fell. When I was rushed (Classical Era) I began to build comp bows, but a teammate criticized this and said that melee...
  7. Brett Caton

    Conquering a city with archers

    Is this possible? I've hammered down defenses and just seem to be stuck in a loop of shooting at what seems to be an empty city? Do I have to use a melee unit to occupy it?
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