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  1. Adamiy

    Kingdom of France V 1

    A scenario of France in the Middle Ages, with the different duchies, kingdoms and counties of the time. This scenario is made from a map created entirely by me, and realistic from a point of view of forest, river, mountains, hills, resources, etc. (the map to download here ->...
  2. Adamiy

    Map of France V 1.1

    Map of France (and surroundings) made mannually from an empty canvas Discover Gaul in all its splendor All Based : - Mountain - Cliffs - Ressources - Rivers - Dimensions - Forests - Swamps - Regions (by continent) - Start Position - Features - Lakes - Land - ... Updates will come to make...
  3. UncivilizedGuy

    Alternate Civics Tree 1.0

    Civics tree progress is now connected to tech tree progress. No more runaway progress on the civics tree. One of my biggest complaints about Civ VI is the disconnect between Civics and Techs. Social policies and civics are linked to technological progress in the real world. This mod aims to fix...
  4. UncivilizedGuy

    Strategic Industry - Gathering Storm 2019-02-24

    The goal of this mod is to add a greater sense of realism to unit production. Finally in Gathering Storm multiple resources can be utilized by units. Features Copper is now a strategic resource. It's used for Bronze Age units, cannons, and modern ammo. Nearly all units including uniques have...
  5. Karsten_Reuss

    World Map Equal Area with realistic proportions & climate zones 2019-01-26

    I never found civ world maps really realstic. Due to traditional map projects the land masses near the poles and almost always much too large. At the same time, in several maps, the oceans are just too small. This map solves this. You will find Australia being much larger as Greenland and almost...
  6. W

    What next...DLC Ideas

    My friends and I liked some of the ideas in civilization-6-expansions-dlc article on pcgamesn. The immigration, colonization, and internal empire dynamics could make the game more realistic and exciting at the same time. I'd like to know what other people think. This seems like a great (and...
  7. thaishmafia

    Civilization 6 Realism Overhaul MOD(NOT RELEASED YET)

    Description: We all know that most mainstream games are designed to be fun, somewhat challenging for the normal player yet partially realistic and the Civilization series is no exception to that rule. From my play perspective, I like to play realistic games regardless of the challenge level and...
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