1. Benzombie

    Weird settle and spawn locations?

    Let me first say that I apologize if this has been addressed before in a previous thread, I word this wrong, if general discussion is not the place to post this, or if this is another redundant spawn thread. About every other game, I notice the A.I. settles down across the entire landmass just...
  2. Knightfall

    [BTS] Boxed-In By AI

    Every time I play this game, I wind up getting "boxed-in" by the AI by the end of the Classical Age. By this, I mean that I can't settle more cities because I've gotten completely surrounded by AI civs, so my only alternatives are to either attack them and take their cities, which is a problem...
  3. Hippie_Peace_man

    Soviet Union (Concept)

    After a recent unfinished Denmark game, I was inspired to create a puppet civ (like Venice) that could settle cities. I've never made a mod before, so I figured before attempting to create the civ, I would post my idea here and listen for feedback on whether this is OP or UP: Soviet Union...
  4. Electryx

    Idea behind settling so close?

    I am new to this game. I went through few playthrough and found out many players settle their city as close as possible (4 tiles). Can someone tell me: What is the idea behind settling cities so close? Settling bit far (6 tiles) is any better?
  5. Gussrrosa

    Mod for 'Cede to independency' - Settle new cities and make them new civilizations Hello everyone!

    Hello (i'm not a native speaker of english, so 'forgive me' for any grammar mistakes i may commit) I was wondering if some skillful modder could enjoy the following idea (for civ6): How about creating the ability to settle new cities and cede them to a new civilization? Basically this is...
  6. B

    Should You Move Your First Settler?

    I look into this question here and would love to hear feedback from all of you about my opinion and whether or not this is a good strategy.
  7. Island


    Someone will settle here...
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