Weird settle and spawn locations?


May 18, 2017
American Civilization
Let me first say that I apologize if this has been addressed before in a previous thread, I word this wrong, if general discussion is not the place to post this, or if this is another redundant spawn thread. About every other game, I notice the A.I. settles down across the entire landmass just for resource(s) not near their capital, like in the screenshots which is the game I'm playing right now (In this case, A.I. India). I feel that around turn 64 is too early to be settling that far away from your two main cities. I understand desert tiles are dead/undesirable tiles but I feel like the river would make it appeal more. The other thing I wanted to point out is the starting locations. Maybe I'm too CIV 5 brain'ed but it bugs me that six city-states spawned right near me, almost chained spawned in a way. Almost thinning out my settle options. It could be the start-bias bug I've recently heard about but why not spawn near the coast? Or more spread out? The entire southern landmass has only one city-state. This isn't game breaking by any means, could I just reroll to get a better result? Absolutely but like I wrote previously, I get this kind of situation a lot and gotten it enough times that I decided to make this post and ask. Has this sort of situation happened to anyone? Or am I just smol-brained and this is how the spawns and A.I. behavior have always been? Really, let me know, I'm genuinely curious (And also very sorry if these are dumb questions).

As a side note, the only gameplay mods I use are Gold Resource, No Original Capital Favor Penalty, and Right Click Close Leader. The rest are U.I., like trade screens, Global Relations, Better Reports, etc.


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