1. S

    Long delay between music tracks

    Hello everyone. I am having a weird issue that I cannot figure out. Sometimes, in various mods, the music will stop playing for a few minutes when the track that is currently playing finishes, and the music will not immediately go to the next track for a while. Sometimes, the music just stops...
  2. J

    Extremely quiet speech in both movies and in-game.

    Ok so I just downloaded Civ 6 from Steam today, (Never really played one before :P) And well... that's my issue. The intro movie has sound, but you can barely hear the character speech. Same for when I try to play the tutorial. Out of all of the searching I've done online, the best solution I...
  3. jimmywfl

    TAM CIV3 loveking and horse sound files not working?

    I love the mod, but the love king and horse sound files do not work
  4. T

    Sound: Let only leaderheads speak

    shut up speaker, let the leader talk I asked that in steam forum but got no reaction... maybe because it's addressing information only hard-core fanatics know. I like to hear the leaders talking in their own language. I don't like the narrator telling those flat jokes every time I discovered a...
  5. Lord_Azazel

    [BUG] Sounds stop working both vanilla and now in R&F

    When I start playing, sounds are fine. After a while, everything from 30 minutes to some hours of play, I start losing sounds. ie. moving a unit doesn't make the sound anymore, leaders don't speak anymore etc. Exiting to main menu and reloading the game fixes the problem, but I have to do this...
  6. Nathiri

    FIX for No Sound during Diplomacy under Windows 10

    For some Windows 10 users, they experienced cutting in and out of various sounds when engaging in Diplomacy with other civs. As requested, I made a special topic with the fix. In the Steam discussions, a guy posted what worked for him and since it worked for others there, I decided to re-post it...
  7. Perdedor

    All Sound Cuts Out When Loading 'Audio Init"

    Hey again Civ fam, Having another issue...this is with sound. All sound from my computer cuts out when the Beyond the Sword splash screed loads 'Audio Init". My media player cuts out, and so does the game sound itself. Nothing from the computer makes a sound at all. Just wondering if anyone...
  8. Z

    [NEWCIV] 2D leaderscreen with custom sound speech

    Hello, One week ago I tried to delve into the world of Civ 5 mods (a bit late to the party), and used a lot of the tutorials that are on this website to make a custom CIV, that's now totally properly working! At the beginning it sounded so complex that I couldn't have imagined that I'd have...
  9. Securion

    Infinitely repeating sounds.

    I have waited since release for you to fix this completely game breaking bug but you are not going to fix it, are you? We are just going to have to accept that we cant have any sounds on in this game?
  10. G

    Turn chime -- Discontinued -- 2016-11-10

    I have discontinued this mod as I realized sound can be added with simple xml edit, and there was no need for an lua mod. To add sound to turn open TurnPhases.xml in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Base\Assets\Gameplay\Data look for this around line...
  11. F

    How To Change Unit Selection Sounds, Please

    Hi. I've been looking through every folder I can find and opening every file I can think of, but I cannot find a way to change the Unit Selection Sounds. I would really love to change (or at least lower the volume) of the sound a unit makes when it is selected. (It's hard to explain why, but...
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