1. J

    Crashing constantly on turn 244

    I've downloaded all DLCs and was exited to play a massive game with evrithing enable yet on turn 244 it always crashes, any fixes?
  2. T

    Help! Desperate to play Civ 2

    Hello All, So I had an urge to play Civ 2 again and sad to say after 3 days I am hitting a city wall with coastal fortress and Sdi defence! I have Windows 10 and have managed to download good edition, I've used a patch which says is applied and good to go. Go to install and select yes. Error...
  3. F

    I can't load this save file sent to me by a friend

    I bought all the dlc that I was lacking and downloaded all the missing mods, but I can't open this save file. Does anyone know what the problem could be?
  4. N

    Need Help with VP Modpack: Magnus Mutatio

    Hello, I have followed the instructions to install the VP Modpack: Magnus Mutatio, for use with both single and multi player. I installed the file named '' from Feb 13, 2020 posted by Gazebo. I have also tried installing different versions that Gazebo...
  5. Victoria

    Civ VI - Flanking and Support

    Civ VI Flanking and Support Support All combat units gain the ability to support when the Military Tradition Civic is researched Support bonuses apply purely to the defender For every adjacent friendly military unit, you gain +2 vs non-ranged units when defending. (Allies do not count). This...
  6. T

    *PLEASE HELP* Cannot Load Private Multiplayer Saved Game

    As the title reads my friends and I are unable to reload our saved game. What happens when they try and join back in is the count down will start everything seems fine, but when the count hits zero the host loads in while everyone else is stuck in the lobby, after a few moments everyone...
  7. Nickify

    [BNW] Having issues with a custom civilization. Can trade artwork for help!

    I've lurked on these forums for some time now. I've been using them as a resource to learn about the game and to start the process of making my own civilizations and mods for Civ V. Lately I've tried my hand at making custom civilizations for me and my friends to play with in our custom games...
  8. TheYutzWithTheHorse

    Unable to Load Modded Saves

    Hey y'all, I recently (past 2 weeks or so) have been having a problem loading up my modded save games. I would start a game with mods subscribed and selected, play for awhile, save the game and then hop off Civ V. When I would go to restart the game (through the appropriate channel of...
  9. JackConor

    Pick N Mix mods airbase not compatible with Vox populi?

    I downloaded whoward's airbase mod. For some reason it can only be build on a jungle or forest tile. When I press the build airbase button, after clearing the forest/jungle, it just refused to continue building the airbase leaving the tile empty. What should I do?
  10. N

    Modbuddy crashes when i try to upload

    Hello. My modbuddy crashes when i try to upload a mod. It stops on contains single modinfo and then crashes. can you take a look at my civ and see what i did wrong. Thanks. EDIT: Nevermind i got it to work
  11. N

    My Mod crashes when game loads

    Hello. I made a mod for civ 5 but when the match loads the game crashes. Can someone take a look at the files and see what i did wrong?
  12. Turrdy

    Support Unit Elimination Thread

    I know, I know... enaugh is enaugh. But this is a short one. Rules are the same as always! (-3/+1; state your reason; once every 24 hours) Anti-Air Gun - 20 Battering Ram - 20 Medic - 20 Military Engineer - 20 Mobile SAM - 20 Observation Balloon - 20 Siege Tower - 20 Have Fun! The Rankings...
  13. Need More Gold

    Need More Gold

    Our glorious armies require more gold to support.
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