1. TyrannusRex

    Rounding Out the Nordic Civilizations

    So, excuse the title for being a little vague, but I'm sorta working on an idea and wanted some opinions from other Civ fans. I've noticed that the majority of ideas (or existing mods) for a Danish civ in Civ VI tend to focus on an Industrial Era Denmark sometime during the 1800s (I believe)...
  2. MalayanGamer

    Help me everyone!!

    I tried to Change Karolin unit art but when i tried to changed it the civilopedia just disappear. Help me guys!!! I just want to change a art for a Karolin unit to make it better!!
  3. BuzWeaver

    [GS] Let's Play Sweden | Very Fun Civ | Lots of Victory Options

    Sweden is an incredibly fun Civ to play as you have several really good victory options. I really, really, enjoyed the auto-theming, which really makes managing all your great works so much easier. This was a pretty fun game with a lot of activity. The newer patches to Gathering Storm has added...
  4. Omega Alden

    [GS] Game freezing on turn transition (

    I have an issue that I've been unable to resolve on my own right now. For some reason when I hit a specific turn transition the game gets stuck and does not continue. I'm not sure if it would ever actually crash, but it didn't in the few minutes I left it running hoping it would get unstuck...
  5. Red_warning

    Scandinavian wonders

    Since the vikings first were included in Civ II I have waited for the addition of Scandinavian wonders, and was hoping for one to be included in Gathering Storm, but alas it was seemingly not meant to be. So in my boredom I've decided to create this thread to brainstorm some potential wonders...
  6. Zobtzler

    [Vanilla/R&F] Charles XI of Sweden

    The mod can be downloaded through Steam Workshop Or directly via Google Drive General Information Adds the Swedish Civilization with Charles XI as its leader. The Stockholm City State is renamed to the Danish city of Odense. Also adds the City States of Tórshavn (Faroe Islands), Strasbourg...
  7. V


    Just nearly finished a Sweden game, king, standard size and speed. I went for a culture/tourism victory to make use of the extra GPP from allies. I grabbed four city places very quickly, upsetting my neighbors, but then stopped. Nearby Russia and Germany attacked a few times but I held them off...
  8. Firebug

    Firebug's Civilizations & Leaders

    NEW LEADERS Napoleon III Liberal Empire Districts provide +4 Culture when adjacent to a Wonder. +2 Housing and +2 Amenities in cities with at least 2 speciality districts. A New Empire Friendly to those civilizations that are ahead in Production and share a continent. Dislikes civilizations...
  9. Walter Hawkwood

    Jet Warplanes: J-29 Tunnan 2017-04-07

    Jet Warplanes: J-29 Tunnan This is a series of packs for jet combat airplanes from the second half of XX century. These are conversions from Supreme Ruler (with one exception of MiG-15, which is converted from Blitzkrieg), retextured by me in colors of various nations. This is J-29 Tunnan, an...
  10. HuskyPeter

    [REQUEST] Sweden for CIV VI

    If anyone out there have some time over id like to see Sweden as a civ. Heres some ideas for uniqes: Leader: Carl Gustav XII +1 production on iron. +50% speed building ranged (artillery) units UB: Bofors Arms Manufacturer - +10% building meele units, +50% when building artillery or above UI...
  11. Gustavus Adolphus Caught Spying

    Gustavus Adolphus Caught Spying

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