1. pineappledan

    Tomatekh's Timurids for VP - 4UC compatible 15

    Adds the Timurids, led by Timur as a playable civilization Unique Ability - Jewel of the East Unique Building - Registan Unique Unit - Tumen Unique Improvement - Deh Unique Unit 2 - Farsakh Cannon More details in the discussion thread This Mod is a modifed version of Tomatekh's Timurids custom...
  2. pineappledan

    Tomatekh's Timurids for VP

    Tomatekh's Timurids for Vox Populi Does not need the original mod Download base version here Download 4UC compatible version here Timur (Leader) Jewel of the East (UA) Gain Free copies of Buildings from captured cities in your :c5capital: Capital. When you Destroy a City, gain +1 to All...
  3. Reavici

    are Timurids next Civ?

    I have watched Civ expansion announcement trailer. from 1:13 min it reminds me Tamerlane's invasion of Georgia and siege of Tbilisi Timmy fighting with Khevsur warrior Timur was leading skirmish at Tbilisi, also similar castles (Tsikhe) are common in Georgia. Tsikhe is garrisoned by...
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