Tomatekh's Timurids for VP - 4UC compatible 14

Adds Tomatekh's Timurids, led by Timur, for Vox Populi

  1. pineappledan

    Adds the Timurids, led by Timur as a playable civilization
    Unique Ability - Jewel of the East
    Unique Building - Registan
    Unique Unit - Tumen
    Unique Improvement - Deh
    Unique Unit 2 - Farsakh Cannon
    More details in the discussion thread

    This Mod is a modifed version of Tomatekh's Timurids custom civ. It has been tweaked for compatibility with Gazebo's Community Patch and Vox Populi.

    • Civitar: Kalle Icon
    • bouncymischa: Kalle graphics
    • Janboruta: Icons
    • Leugi: Leaderheads and models.
    • Janboruta: Timur leader graphic, Tumen and Farsakh Cannon icons.
    • danrell: Model for the Tumen adapted from his Civ V China unit pack.
    • Firaxis: War Theme (Crossroads of the World Civ IV scenario).
    • Moriboe: lua, Tumen icon
    • Mosile: Registan icon
    • FramedArchitect: lua help.
    • Loreena McKennitt: Peace Theme.
    • Tomatekh: All code and art otherwise not listed.
    • Lastsword: lua coding
    • Pineappledan: VP compatibility

Recent Updates

  1. Deh bug fixes
  2. Corporations fix
  3. icon and code improvements
  4. icon update
  5. compatibility
  6. Raze Cancel Disable
  7. farsakh fix
  8. 08-05 compatibility
  9. 07-17 compatibility
  10. UA rework - Yields only from Razing