1. Birdjaguar

    Bumble's Travels sign up

    If Bumble is going begin his Trek anew, we need to know who is interested in participating. This is a sign up for those interested. You need to be willing to pay the small package postal changes to send bumble to the next address on the list in a timely manner. In addition you need to be willing...
  2. Birdjaguar

    Travels in China

    Travels in China In a complete knockoff of Warpus’ great travel threads, I will recount my 2018 trips to China. My adventures there are really three different trips. The first two were combined and the third involved a second flight overseas. This was my first trip to Asia. Ask anything you...
  3. warpus

    [RD] The Everest Basecamp Trek

    The Everest Basecamp Trek This particular adventure begins at Hotel Shanker, in Kathmandu, Nepal... although a lot lead up to that moment, including a 30 hour layover in Hong Kong and months of planning, preparation, and training. The plan was to hire a guide and porter and hike to Everest...
  4. warpus

    [RD] Exploring Japan

    Exploring Japan In the fall of 2016 I flew to Narita International Airport, near Tokyo. I had a return ticket with me that would take me home about 22 days later. I also had a hotel room booked for 8 nights in a good central location. After that I I did not really know where I would end up...
  5. Birdjaguar

    London Calling!

    I might be meeting some Chinese friends in London this fall and could use some help. If we stay in the city center to be within easy reach of traditional tourist sights, are there named areas (like Knightsbridge) that are better than others? Are cabs a reasonable way to move about or should we...
  6. Birdjaguar

    Bumble's Great Adventure Take 3

    Post here if you want to join and we can maintain a list and the best itinerary. If you have pictures and stories from the other thread, ask a moderator to move them here or I guess you could quote them. I'm really busy for the next week, so someone might think about the rules and post ideas...
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