1. CAYM

    CAYM's Tweaks (NAVAL warfare, AIRCRAFT warfare, Enlightment Era, Futre Age, CAYM's Change)

    Hello! Over time, by fixing one bug and correcting one mistake after another in the mod, I ended up creating my own mod. As I worked on it, I felt the urge to share it with all of you and introduce it here. In some places, my modifications overlap with the original creator's work. I've...
  2. A

    Misc. Tweaks for VP

    Misc. Tweaks for VP Download Here This merges my Logistics Skirmishers and Lategame War Rebalance mods. Forgive me for the generic name; I'm bad at this. My goal, like with @pineappledan's tweaks, is to eventually get enough support to merge some of these changes into base VP so I can maintain...
  3. Hinin

    Hinin's Tweaks for VP

    Hinin's Tweaks for VP Download here Hello everyone, :devil: Here is the thread where I'll post my personal tweaks for VP. It is intended to grow with time, including more civ reworks, late-game rebalancing and other things. Full credit is due to the original authors of the parts used for...
  4. Hinin

    Hinin's Tweaks for VP v.7

    Adds an amalgamation of my personal tweaks for Vox Populi. It can include : - general gameplay tweaks - civ reworks - modifications of assets added by other mods (most notably 4UC) To talk about it.
  5. Shiroifushicho

    A call to modders ! A call from modd-addicts

    CIVILIZATION 6 - A Call to Modders A call from modd addicts I am only a little a skyrim mod creator but if I were a civ6 mod creator, hell I would like to see a sum up of what I could work on. So I gathered the things brought the more often on the table in the last weeks. I also removed those...
  6. Tridentviper

    Tweaks on CIV 6 leaders

    Does anyone know where can I edit the xml files for the leaders? (e.g. victory competitiveness, aggressiveness and etc.) In civ 5 it is located here:
  7. Tridentviper

    Tweaks on CIV 6 leaders

    Not sure about this but I think the AI sucks in terms of military. Playing on higher difficulty is kinda unfair. I'd rather play with smart and fair than dumb and unfair. Does anyone of you know how to tweak civ 6 leaders? On civ 5 you can change it here...
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