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  1. robal1991

    [GS] [] No vission on cities founded on continent split

    From PotatoMcWhiskey video youtu.be/_fiRYeMZe_8?t=318 City of Antioch is in fog even though Potato has his Apostles right next to it.
  2. robal1991

    [] Minor hover tooltip bug

    I've noticed that in the April 2021 Game Update Developer Livestream, but it also appears in my games. When you select Civic or Tech in the Panel on the left side on the screen, the selected Civic/Tech dissapears and you can briefly see on the hover tooltip the text of the Civic/Tech that was...
  3. T

    [NFP] Tab and Declared Friendship Glitch

    So for the 1st glitch I have had the top left of all the visible currency tabs disappear on me. The whole row of bubbles of Tech, Civics, etc... and the only temporary solution that I have found is to just double click another tab to make them reappear. But I've had this glitch since the...
  4. Zegangani

    ALL Bugs, AI actions and UI Elements in Civ VI we want to have fixed

    Since Civ VI Developers are constantly checking this Community for Feedback and Suggestions from CivFanatics (Civ/ Leader & CS Pickers, Barbarian Mode...etc), and the Bugs Section to gather more Infos about the Bugs...etc, I thought it might be a good Idea to make a Thread just to submit ALL the...
  5. nzcamel

    Conquests of Alexander - no captured UI's []

    I've been playing a couple of scenarios while waiting for the latest update; and in Conquests of Alexander, when you capture a city that should give you unique units, it no longer does. I know it isn't any of the mods I usually have on, as one of them was blocking the city banner's in the...
  6. robal1991

    [NFP] Minor text bug - missing spaces

    In DLC\Babylon\Text\en_US\Babylon_Heroes_Text_MODE.xml: <Row Tag="LOC_NOTIFICATION_HERO_LOW_LIFESPAN_SUMMARY"> <Text>Our {1_HeroClassName: plural 1?Hero; other?Heroes;}{1_HeroClassName}{1_HeroClassName: plural 1?has; other?have;} fewer than {2_NumTurns} turns remaining in their...
  7. robal1991

    [] Minor UI bug - small caps

    Small caps of leader names on the leader chooser and load screen are glitched. See the screenshots:
  8. robal1991

    [] Minor UI bug on government popup (FIXED)

    The Governments_EmptyCard_Military.dds texture it too high and missplaced on the governments screen. It should have height of 153 as other empty card textures.
  9. robal1991

    [] Bandar Brunei wrong icon (FIXED)

    Applies to all versions. Currently Bandar Brunei is using Jakarta icon. It wasn't replaced properly. The icon itself was added in the Expansion2_Icons_CityStates.xml under name ICON_CIVILIZATION_BANGDAR (atlas file XP2_CityStates256.dds). But there is a TODO note in that file: The gameplay data...
  10. G

    In Game Text is FUBARed []

    Everything is fine until I start a game, then this happens. What I have tried to fix the issue - *Uninstalled and reinstalled the game - Worked until I tried adding mods. Then it broke. *Disabled all mods - Still broke. *Disabled Steam In Game Overlay - Still Broken. Has anyone run into this...
  11. Knasp

    "Tech discovered" UI offset looks weird

    When I discover a new tech, the UI is offset to the right. The only mods I had enabled except yours was Sukritacts Global Relations Panel. Maybe that's the mod causing the problem? Idk, but it looks like this:
  12. S

    [R&F] User Interface Disappears when meeting first AI Civ

    This has been widely reported on Steam forums and it has been recommended that I upload a saved game that will trigger the bug. At the moment I meet a new AI major civilization, the UI disappears completely. I can move whatever units have not moved that turn, but then I cannot interact at all...
  13. CallMeDale

    UI overlap

    the two top left parts of the UI will often overlap so that the bottom one completely obscured the top one and it seems to do this and correct itself inconsistently for no noticeable reason. Been that way since the game released and I’ve never known what to call those parts of the screen.
  14. sman1975

    Question about background picture on popups

    Hello, I'm trying to simply add a background picture on a popup. When I use the image with DXT3 compression, no image shows. When I use the image with no compression, everything looks like it's supposed to. Here is the .XML code for the popup - the image in question is named...
  15. D

    UI problem

    I was enthusiastic to play R&F but got a ton of UI problems - most problematic (impossible to play after an era change): the bottom right action button does not work anymore. It still shows some action to do (choose civic/ new production / choose a pantheon...) but when I do click nothing...
  16. T

    How do we disable these notifications that cover all the screen?

    Hi team, Let me introduce on my first message: expert on Civ II, back in Civ VI. I am running Civ 6 on Mac OSX. I cannot follow the flow of the game with the horrible messages in front of my units. Particularly when there´s a combat with another army, all the damage points, etc are destroying...
  17. I

    Fill Policy Slot Bugged

    The game keeps asking me to fill an empty military card slot for my government but all the policy cards are blacked out and cannot be selected. This prevents me from ending my turn and I've tried to save and reload but the game is still bugged. I had to restart the entire game.
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