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  1. O

    [Vanilla] Center UI on large/multiple monitors

    I have a very large monitor at a resolution of 5120 x 1440px and it's cumbersome to move the mouse all the way to the right or left to click something. A center mode for the UI for such cases would be awesome. Many people with large or multiple monitors complain about it. Thank you :)

    Matching Resources to Specific Units

    So, was plowing toward an eventual win as Gaul and at one point realized my carefully managed oil-using units exceeded the amount of oil I was harvesting per turn. No big deal normally since its usually the last unit I created and easy to find. This time though I couldn't for the life of me find...
  3. The googles do nothing

    Leader Head UI - Changes?

    There's a couple of options i would like to see added t o the Leader Heads, in order of importance (views being essentially the same format for things other then leaders): 1. Show if there is a current Casus Belli. Especially useful for after denouncing Leaders to declare a formal war. 2...
  4. Red Key

    Lua UI Mod Compatibility

    I need some help understanding how to make UI mods compatible. I use @sukritact 's Simple UI Adjustments and would like to make my mod compatible with it if possible. Simple UI makes some changes to specific functions in CityBannerManager.lua through the use of ReplaceUIScript. I am changing a...
  5. F

    [UI] Trying to show an image

    I am able to show a label on the screen but now I'm trying with an image but I can't seem to make it work, and I am a little bit blind because I can't find the log that shows the error. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Context Name="MyNewScreen"> <Container ID="Frame" Anchor="C,C">...
  6. J

    [GS] [Help] Combining UI Script and Gameplay script in lua

    Hi, I am working on something relatively simple: allowing a player to change his view to another player by pressing a specifc key. Using a gameplay script I can easily shift a specific player's view using: PlayerManager.SetLocalPlayerAndObserver(i) Using a UI script I can easily trigger a...
  7. Ownsya

    QOL Mods (aka UI)

    I've been slowly trying out mods and incorporating into my game the ones I like. A few of them I found to be so useful that they made me think "how did I ever even play without these mods?" So I thought I'd start a thread to share the mods that you found to be so useful that you'd really hate to...
  8. Thildemar

    Reference UI elements without ID in lua

    Hi Everyone, New to Civ modding and trying to fix the UI for ultrawidescreen. Have a lot of the pieces in place, but running into trouble re-positioning elelemts without an ID. I am mostly using "ContextPtr:LookUpControl("/InGame/Screens/TechTree/")" to set size and offset for elements and...
  9. americanslon

    Remove button from Action

    I making a mod where a button should show up based on the type of unit is selected. I "borrowed" some code to display the button from another mod: If correct unit is detected it calls two functions First: function CreateHurryProductionButton() hurryProductionIM:DestroyInstances()...
  10. CallMeDale

    UI overlap

    the two top left parts of the UI will often overlap so that the bottom one completely obscured the top one and it seems to do this and correct itself inconsistently for no noticeable reason. Been that way since the game released and I’ve never known what to call those parts of the screen.
  11. C

    When adding a specialist to a building, how to make the new specialist appear in the clicked slot?

    And not in the rightmost slot regardless of the slot clicked on? I'm creating a mod and having trouble finding how to do this or even where in the code to find where the game decides to magically produce the specialist in the first slot to the right.
  12. poundjd

    ModBuddy; where are the "Start" mods stored?

    Hello all, I am hoping that someone can answer the question above, and where I could store new mod "start" files also. Also, I am hoping that someone has, knows of, or is willing to write a really good manual for The development tools since Farix won't. The last request, I am looking for a...
  13. poundjd

    Seaking your recommended pointer to understanding the connection between an LAU and XML files?

    Hi, I have been trying to understand the linkage between an LUA and XML file when altering an onscreen display thing like the city banner. I have studied code from "Sukritact's Simple UI Adjustments" and others. But can't see how the data is passed into the XML file which I think controls the...
  14. A

    Toggle city banners?

    This is probably just a personal annoyance, but I think it's really distracting when you zoom out on the map and while the tiles shrink, the city name banners stay large and begin to cover the screen. I've seen screenshots without city banners, so I'm wondering if theirs a way to toggle them. I...
  15. Phoenix1595

    Civ6 for iPad

    Looks like Aspyr released the base Civ6 game for newer versions of the iPad. It is available on iTunes, with a 60-turn demo. Very interesting development for the game!
  16. HorseshoeHermit

    Gratuitous Tech Tree arrows

    The tech tree lines are so illogical! http://civilization.wikia.com/wiki/File:Tech_Tree_(Civ6).jpg Example offenses: Banking requires Education. Education requires Apprenticeship. So why is there another arrow from Apprenticeship to Banking? Apprenticeship to Gunpowder Economics and...
  17. TheOneHitPupper

    Main Menu BG+

    225+ backgrounds 2.0 Update I've since doubled the amount of backgrounds associated with this psuedo-DLC mod and gotten rid of some of the less appealing backgrounds from the first release. If you'd like to see as many as 225 new and different backgrounds for Civ5's main menu, go ahead and...
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