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    So, was plowing toward an eventual win as Gaul and at one point realized my carefully managed oil-using units exceeded the amount of oil I was harvesting per turn. No big deal normally since its usually the last unit I created and easy to find. This time though I couldn't for the life of me find the errant unit. I tried using the UI to discover a discreet place listing this info but it was nowhere to be found.

    In the normal UI it lists how much oil was incoming and being used by units yet the info was too generic to be of use. With over 50+ units in my game, knowing I had 7 using oil was no good to me since I already knew I was using too much. The real missing link was which units? Every unit/UU has their own requirements and beyond a few standard ones I'm constantly checking to see what each consumes per turn.

    I guess what I'd like to see is a mod that enhances the barebones generic list from this (from memory so wording probably not precise):

    - OIL (81)
    - Gathering 6 units of oil per turn
    - You are consuming 7 units of oil

    To something more like:

    - OIL (81)
    - Gathering 6 units of oil per turn
    - You are consuming 7 units of oil:
    - 3 are consumed my artillery
    - 3 are consumed by soldiers
    - 1 is consumed by a destroyer

    Does this make sense to anyone else?

    Have to admit that after years of playing Civ I've never encountered this problem before and wonder if it might help others who find themselves in the same position.
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    Jun 23, 2020
    I've never had this issue, but I always like the idea of more information. I sometimes find myself wondering where my science or culture are coming from. All it says is XX science from cities. Then you have to go into individual cities to see the breakdown between buildings, tiles, ect.

    I would like to know specifically how much gold, faith, science, and culture are coming from policy cards. This would help me figure out if I want to change my policy cards without spending 5 minutes poking around my math doing rough calculations.

    Additionally having other information broken down more at an empire level would also help in making policy card decisions. For example, if it showed science:
    - from buildings
    - from adjacencies
    - from population
    - from worked tiles
    - from policy cards
    - from other modifiers
    - (I made this list pretty quick, so I'm probably missing something)

    then I would know exactly what to expect by adding the +100% adjacency bonus policy card.
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    I think there's a mod that enhances the unit list (the one you get by clicking on a unit and then clicking the unit name), so that the resource used is listed next to the units in the list
  4. Entrophy

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    Nov 5, 2020
    Try to use better report screen mod (you can find it on steam workshop). It doesn't changes nothing except adding some new reports. Using it you can see all information about policy cards without manual calculating (very useful) and, yes, you can easily manage your army.

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