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    [WTP] Quick questions

    I can't believe, I have the honors of having the very 1st thread in the MOD that will be a successor to RaR! Exciting!
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    [NFP] Bugs with the Alchemical Society and city states

    It seems that the university bonus from 3 envoy scientific city states does not apply correctly to the Alchemical Society, making it worse than an university in many situations, though I guess the great person points can make up for this. Still, I can only assume that this is a bug...
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    Dags Campus Buildings Mod 2017-08-31

    Adjusts how you get science from campus buildings. Eliminates "free" science just for building the building. Campus - +1 science for being adjacent to a river. No other adjacency bonuses from terrain (Still get +1 science if adjacent to two other districts) Library - Adds +1 science for each...
  4. Smac University Of Planet Logo

    Smac University Of Planet Logo

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