1. M

    Hotkey Mod

    Made a hotkey Mod I've been using for a little while now to give WASD camera movement and other hotkeys around WASD so that they are easier to use. Also I put the location of the hotkeys in a readme in the mod so you can change them in the files if you want. (I'm not even close to knowing how to...
  2. MadManCam

    Free Camera 31 Mar 2018

    Steam Workshop Page Experience VI with unhindered camera tilt and rotation, easy Time of Day adjustments, ultra-zoom, and simple controls. Set up great screenshots and play the game from a custom perspective. See the Free Camera: Reduced Zoom Range Addon for a more manageable zoom. You don't...
  3. MadManCam

    Free Rotation 1 Apr 2018

    Steam Workshop Page This is now a light version of Free Camera. Camera rotation no longer resets after you release the mouse. Press the H key to toggle between default and last used camera rotation. You can rotate the map in 3 ways: Shift + Left Click Drag, Alt + Left Click Drag, and the Q and...
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