1. T

    [C3C] Civ3 on wine (mac) not working

    Hey, (I hope there are still people active on this). Recently downloaded my favorite game ever on my mac using wine, playonmac, and after installing everything, running the game through steam I cant get past the intro movie, I either click through it, and get a black screen (through it appears...
  2. nick0515

    [C3C] Civ 3 on GNU/Linux with Play on Linux

    Below is a method for installing Civ 3 on GNU/Linux if anyone else like me uses this as their OS rather than Windows/Mac. OS: Fedora 25 Civ versions: Civilization 3 Gold Edition (includes Civ 3 and Play the World), Civ 3 Conquests What works: Everything so far, but only briefly tested...
  3. FoleyTheOne

    [BNW] Mod Idea

    I'm new to this site, though not new to Civ, I have over 750 hours logged, and I have no idea how to make a mod such as the one I'm trying to make right now, so if I could get some help with this, I'd appreciate it. It's fairly simple I believe, all I want to do is make the Wine resource provide...
  4. S

    [BNW] Game freezes on loading screen using Wine

    I'm trying to run Civ 5 on Wine in order to play the Vox Populi mod on my mac. I did manage to enable the mods, but when I start a game, it gets stuck forever in the loading screen. Now, this is the second game I run on Wine and I know it can be a bit slow. I'm talking about the game being...
  5. Baba Yetu

    Bug/Bat under linux with wine

    Civilization 4 here work completely out of the box and nearly faultless with wine. Have anyone tried to run bug/bat under linux with wine? I am about to give it a try, but a little scared of breaking my civ4 =/.
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