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(1-11a) Spawned Units From Friendly/Allied Militaristic City-States Gain XP and Promotions Based On Gifting City-State

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Sep 13, 2022
Counter proposal to this:

Restating the problem:
Gifted units can arrive in perimeter or puppet cities with weak military infrastructure, greatly reducing their usability compared to other units you can field.

Proposed solution:
Gifted units should receive experience and promotions based on the city-state providing the gift. This normalizes the promotions they arrive with, making them equally valuable wether you just settled an expansion, occupied a territory, or have a massive capitol. This also continues the functionality of the unit arriving in the city nearest the city-state, which is a more realistic place for them to arrive, and more likely for them to be used on a battlefront.

Originally suggested by @Tekamthi:
not a bad solution, though i might be more inclined to have the gift-giving CS confer the XP and promos rather than the recipient city.
I sponsor this proposal.

Proposal Sponsors: Recursive.

(Sponsors have indicated that they are able and willing to perform the code changes required for this proposal if the community votes Aye on it. Other coders are free to sponsor this as well. A proposal without a sponsor will not advance to the Voting Phase.)
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