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Dec 19, 2017
Merry Christmas, everyone (or whatever holiday you do or don't celebrate; you don't need a reason to be merry)!

At long last, the awaited 4.3 is playable. It is, however, a beta version and bugs are both likely and expected. I've done some testing, but don't have the time to hunt them all down myself. Compiling the enormous changelog and doing a few more last minute proposals took a long time by itself. It doesn't look like it's on fire, at least. :mischief:

As with 4.0-4.2, when it's been a few days since any new major bug reports, I'll declare the release stable.

Most of the VP Congress proposals from Session #6 are included, with a few outstanding. The espionage rework is partially implemented, but there is more to come on that front.

Many thanks to (in order of their commits on GitHub): @axatin, @azum4roll, @adan_eslavo, @L. Vern, @ilteroi, @seroperson, @KungCheops, @Enginseer, @Rekk, and JohnsterID.

A special shoutout to @azum4roll for sponsoring and implementing many proposals (and proposing some of the others that got accepted), to @Enginseer for multiple detailed reworks of the ingame UI, and to @gwennog (who did not commit directly to GitHub, sorry for initially forgetting you) for several new promotion icons.

And an extra special shoutout to @axatin for the enormous and ongoing work required to implement the espionage rework.

Wishing you all a great holiday season!

- Added mechanism for AI to keep track of what plots other players can see
    Now instead of cheating by checking what another player can see directly, it will now base its knowledge on known enemy territory and unit placements
    Currently does not handle the case where an enemy unit moves during your turn (retreating). Shouldn't have a big impact overall.
- Added a new table which specifies the difficulty bonus amount for every handicap, era, trigger, yield, and amount combination
    No more unintuitive A/B/C formula, it is gone
    This allows for much more granularity and flexibility for future reworks to AI difficulty bonuses
- Added a force resync button to the host's screen in multiplayer
    Allows units to enter other players' territory without Open Borders as long as they don't end the turn there
- Added LOG_MAP_STATE CustomModOption, enabling the map state to be logged each turn (lowers performance!)
    This will enable visual displays for future AI test games
- Added an LUA hook to obtain resource quantities from East India Company/Great Cothon, Great Admirals, Buildings
- Added LandResource, SeaResource, PlantResource, AnimalResource and RockResource utility columns to the Resources table
    These have no ingame function, they're just there as "category tags" to make modmodding easier
- Added StrategicPriority column to the Resources table to determine the order in which it displays
    Horses now display before Iron
- Added IsCanBullyFriendlyCS lua hook to distinguish if a player can bully City-States
    If a UI designer is interested in showing the Influence gained/lost from Tyranny
- Added ExtraSupplyFlat column to Policies table
- Continued cleanup of the code and database
- Performance improvements

      Earth Mother
      - Renamed to God of Fire
      - Now +1 Faith, +1 Culture, +1 Production to Mines on Resources (was no Production bonus)
      - Gains +2 Faith to Forges
      - Loses +1 Faith, +1 Production to Monuments

      God of Craftsmen
      - Now gives +2 Faith, +1 Culture to Stone Works (was +1 Faith, +1 Production)
      - Gains +2 Faith and Science from Palace

      God of War
      - Nerfed Production bonus to Barracks to +1 (was +2)

      Abode of Peace
      - Gains +100% religious pressure to friendly City-States

      - Loses +100% religious pressure to friendly City-States
      - Religion spreads to Cities 40% further away (was 25%)

  Border Growth
  - Yield bonuses from border growth now still trigger even after running out of tiles
  - Culture cost of tiles reduced
  - Growth rate increases from buildings and beliefs reduced
      God of the Expanse: 34 -> 25
      Monument / Stele: 34 -> 0
      Ger: 50 -> 40
      Angkor Wat: 50 -> 40

    Agribusiness, Council
    - Removed maintenance cost

    Amphitheater, Gallery, Opera House
    - Removed maintenance cost
    - Removed +1 Gold to their respective Guilds

    Broadcast Tower
    - Changed prerequisite from Museum to Opera House

    Caravansary / Burial Tomb
    - Buffed Gold & Food scaler to 1 per 2 worked desert or tundra tiles (was 1 per 3)
    - Removed +1 Gold to Merchant specialists

    Forge / Siege Foundry
    - Now unlocked at Bronze Working instead of Iron Working
    - Production cost reduced to 110 (was 150)
    - Nerfed Production bonus to Mines to +1 (was +2)
    - Removed +2 Production to Engineer specialists

    - Increased peace blocked cooldown after declaring war to 2 turns (was 1), so it scales on non-Marathon speeds
    - At game start, each category of City-State now has a 20% chance of being chosen on each random roll
        Regardless of the number of City-States in the database or that were already chosen
        However, if the game runs out of City-States of a given category, that category can no longer be chosen

    Pledges of Protection
    - The military strength requirement for Pledges of Protection now scales based on the distance between the City-State and each player's closest city
        It should now be easier for civs to protect neighboring City-States, and harder to protect distant ones
    - Pledges of Protection can no longer be made as long as there is a "we recently demanded tribute" modifier (30 turns on Standard)
    - Pledges of Protection are now revoked without penalty if either the major civ or the City-State have zero cities

    - Nerfed tribute gold in accordance with proposal (6-59)
    - Demanding normal tribute now sets Influence to 30 below resting point if at or above resting point, and subtracts 30 otherwise
    - Same for heavy tribute except with 60 instead of 30
    - 20% bully score is now required to demand normal tribute (was 1%)
    - Demanding heavy tribute now only revokes personal quests, not global quests, but grants 100% of their yields (was 50%)
        And it also can't be done anymore if there are no personal quests currently offered

    - Coup quest is now disabled, and nerfed its base reward from 100 GPP in capital to 100 Science
    - Acquire City quest reworked
        It is now only given by Militaristic City-States
        The target city must have been founded or acquired for at least 10 turns
        The target city must have at least 6 population
        Instead of awarding XP to every unit, one "Juggernaut" unit spawns near the capital
        A Juggernaut unit is the City-State's UU if currently available; if not, it is a standard unit
        It starts with 25 extra HP, March, Morale, and the max XP in your civ for training the unit plus 100 bonus XP
        The bonus XP scales with quest reward modifiers, such as Austria's UA
        The unit starts with full moves and can be used right away

    - Nerfed Siheyuan Culture bonus at Civil Service to +1 (was +2) as originally intended

    - Loses "converts all cities upon founding a religion" and "+1% Food for each Follower of your official religion in a city"
    - Gains "may spend a Great Prophet's first spread action to found a religion, enhance a religion, or build a Holy Site"
        Unlike for other civs, instead of consuming the Great Prophet these actions only use up one conversion charge
        The Great Prophet must still be at full strength to do any of these actions
    - Harappan Reservoir gains +1% Food for every Follower of the city's majority religion (NOT the player's majority religion)
    - Harappen Reservoir loses +1 Production bonus to Flood Plains

    - With embarked vision being fixed, clarified that Polynesia's UA actually gives +1 sight, not +2
    - Removed +20% CS for Polynesian units within 2 tiles of a Moai

    The Shoshone
    - Removed +20% CS for Shoshone units in friendly territory
    - Added +20% CS for Shoshone units within 2 tiles of an Encampment

    - Removed Jungle start bias
    - In addition to yields, UA now increases resource quantities, Happiness and Unit Gift frequency from CS friends & allies by 100%
    - Removed starting 40 Influence, +25% combat strength to allied CS capitals, and +10 XP to unit gifts from UA
    - Buffed Wat's Science boost to Shrines and Temples to +3 (was +2)
    - Removed Wat's +1 Culture bonus to Forests and Jungles
    - Wat now adds +10 Influence to Diplomatic Missions from diplomats that originate in the city

  - Unit capture is now determined by how surrounded the unit is by enemy units (surround percent >= 50%; no more randomness)
      If the unit is backed against impassable tiles, it is easier to surround them

  - Reduced free Trade Routes from all corporations to 1 (was 2)

  - Documented the functionality of every single difficulty option in DifficultyTables.xml and DifficultyChanges.xml
     This information is at the start of the files and should make customizing difficulty easier
     Only columns where the default value is actually changed are now listed in the XML parts of those files, for readability
  - Replaced AIFreeXPPercent bonuses with AIFreeXPPercentVSHuman bonuses (no % bonus to XP gain from AI vs. AI combat)
  - Now uses a new DifficultyBonusPercent column instead of InstantYieldPercent for gamespeed scaling, using the same values as TrainPercent
      This means that games on Quick and Marathon are harder
  - Reduced the AI's Science and Culture bonuses in Ancient Era on all difficulties by about 10-14%
  - Buffed the AI's bonuses in Renaissance Era on all difficulties by about 30%
  - See proposal (6-71) for the full table of difficulty bonuses

  Espionage Rework (not complete yet; see proposal (6-36c) for full details and rationale)
    City-State Spying
    - Coups are removed
    - Election rigging functions the same as now, except that the Xth consecutive successful rig increases your Influence by X times the usual amount
       This does not affect other civs' Influence decay, and only starts when all players have spies
    - Election rigging votes per turn are nerfed from (spy level ^ 2) to (spy level) for balance against England

   Network Points (Offensive Spies)
   - Establishment time is removed; after arriving, the spy starts gaining Network Points (NP) per turn
       Base value is 20 NP per turn, can't go below 0
       Increased by Spy level (+10 each)
       Increased by Tourism influence (+10 Familiar, +20 Popular, +30 Influential)
       Increased by Unknown Techs They Have (+2 per tech, up to +20)
       Increased by Covert Action tenet (+10)
       Decreased by Counter-espionage network (counterspy mission; -10 & an extra -10 per Counterspy level)
       Total number is multiplicatively decreased by 1.6% per point of City Security, capping at 50 (80% reduction)

   - Network Points provide passive benefits the first time you reach a threshold of Network Points
       So if you spend them on missions instead, it'll take longer to reach a higher passive benefit threshold
       However, once you've reached a passive threshold, you can spend that NP on spy missions without any penalty
       Buuuut, the risks of spy missions increase, because you'll lose those passive benefits if you fail the mission
       500+ NP: Reveals city screen & 3% of city Science per turn is added to the spy owner's Science per turn
       800+ NP: Reveals 1 tile around the city (owned tiles only) & Science leech increased to 5%
       1200+ NP: Visibility range extended to 2 tiles & Science leech increased to 7%
       1700+ NP: Visibility range extended to 3 tiles & Science leech increased to 10%
       2000+ NP: Visibility range extended to reveal all tiles owned by the city

   - Network Points may also be spent on offensive Spy Missions
       Missions can be performed immediately if you meet the requirements and have enough NP
       Missions always succeed, but the spy might be identified (diplo penalty, spy does not leave the city)
       They might also be caught (diplo penalty, spy returns to hideout after 5 turns)
       Caught spies are instead killed if a counterspy is running the "Chase down foreign spies" mission
       Spies may only perform a mission once every 15 turns
       Spy mission types also have a cooldown of 15 turns

   - List of Spy Missions
       Steal Tech (1500 NP, scales with gamespeed)
       Steal Great Work (1000 NP)
       Arm local populace (1500 NP): requires unhappy target city; 2 turns of resistance, 5 + Era barbs spawn, 10 turns of 0 Tourism
       Sabotage rural infrastructure (1500 NP): pillages all resource improvements (not fortifications), roads have a 50% chance of being pillaged
       Target city defense (1500 NP): can't be running "Strengthen local defenses"; all fortifications are pillaged and city is sapped for 5 turns
       Sabotage city production (1000 NP): Removes all Production towards the current focus (capped at 10 turns of current Production)
       Spread heresy (1000 NP): steals 50% of city's Faith per turn and subtracts 50% from their religious pressure for 15 turns
       Kidnap specialists (1000 NP): capital only; -1 GPP to target city specialists, +1 GPP in own capital for 15 turns
       Steal from national treasury (1000 NP): capital only; steal 20% of Gold from treasury, scaling with gamespeed
       * Note: Arm local populace, sabotage rural infrastructure, target city defense all share a cooldown
   - City Security
      One of the two main defenses against spies
      Makes it harder for enemy spies to gain NP, caps between 0 and 50
        Base Security: 10
        Not everyone has spies: +1000
        Difficulty level: +20 on Settler, +10 on Chieftain
        England: +15
        Empiricism: +12 in every city
        Bletchley Park: +10 in every city
        Public Works: +5 each
        Piazza San Marco: +10
        Constabulary: +15
        Wat: +20
        Police Station: +10 (+20 with Police State tenet) & +1 per Citizen
        National Intelligence Agency: +10
        Great Firewall: +50
        Each spy mission against the city: +2 (permanent, but scales with game speed)
        Population: -2 per Citizen
        Trade Routes from/to this city: -1 each
        Excess Unhappiness: -4 per point of excess Unhappiness
      Security warnings are removed

    - Counterspies
       The other main defense against spies
       Moving a counterspy takes only one turn
       Switching missions can be done anytime but triggers a 5-turn cooldown before you can move or switch missions
       There are only three missions:
         Establish a counter-espionage network (slows spy NP generation as described above)
         Strengthen local defenses (blocks Target city defense spy mission; +30% RCS, and +10% more per counterspy level)
         Chase down foreign spies (100% chance to identify foreign spies; kills all caught foreign spies, generating 50 Science per counterspy level, scaling with era)
       The first two missions will reveal the counterspy's presence on all players' UI, the third will not

    - Spy XP
       Major city spying: +1 per turn
       Counterspying: +2 per turn
       Spy mission: +(NP cost / 50), even if identified
       Rigging election: +20 if successful
       Spy XP requirement scales with gamespeed

    - Spy Buildings' new effects (other than Security, as listed above)
        Constabulary: -1 Distress, 25 Science & Culture when identifying a foreign spy, era scaling
        Wat: All Constabulary stuff, and the other Wat changes listed under "Siam"
        Police Station: -1 Distress, Poverty, Illiteracy, Boredom; 100 Science & Culture when capturing/killing a foreign spy, era scaling
        White Tower: 40 Gold & Science from identifying, capturing, or killing a foreign spy; 25 of each when successfully rigging an election; era scaling
        Bletchley Park: +200 Spy Points, +1 Spy Level globally, +1 Science to Scientist specialists, Diplomatic Units become invisible
        National Intelligence Agency: +100 Spy Points; -1 Distress; 100 Gold & Science from identifying, capturing, or killing a foreign spy OR performing a spy mission; 50 of each when successfully rigging an election; era scaling

   - Spy Boosting Tenets
        Covert Action (Freedom): +100 Spy Points, +50% effectiveness when rigging elections, +10 NP to all spies in foreign cities
        Double Agents (Order): +200 Spy Points; 125 Science when you identify a foreign spy, era scaling
        Police State (Autocracy): +3 Happiness from Courthouses, +10 Security from Police Stations, +100% Production towards both

      - Clarified that it negates Influence loss and PTP/quest revocation from bullying

    - Gains +2 Gold at Refrigeration

  Map Generation & Resources
  - Jungles can now spawn on Grassland in default maps
  - Coal is now unlocked at Chemistry instead of Steam Power
  - Coal now spawns in forests
  - Ivory is now available in every game (amount of Ivory = 0.75 * number of civs)
  - Ivory and Marble are now placed before regional and random luxuries, to spread them out better
  - Ivory and Marble now cannot appear as secondary luxuries of a start position
  - Massive cleanup of AssignStartingPlots.lua
      GetIndicesForLuxuryType now returns a table of indices (modmod breaking)
      Introduced the PlotListTypes enum, now no need to use numeric indices to confuse everyone, and much easier to add new plot lists (modmod breaking)
      Removed some wrong code in Create()
      Removed unused variables
      The FeatureTypes enum now includes every feature
      ASP constant "feature_atoll" is removed, use FeatureTypes.FEATURE_ATOLL instead
      MAX_MAJOR_CIVS and MAX_MINOR_CIVS are now global variables. You can use them in any mapscript that includes ASP
      MAX_RESOURCE_INDEX is now a member variable of ASP, set to the max ID of the Resources table
      BalanceAndAssign and PlaceLuxuries now support maps having number of regions > number of players. Those act like normal regions but no player starts in them.
      New functions: GenerateCandidatePlotListsForSpecificNW and GetLowFertilityCompensations for mapscripts to override without needing to copy the big parent functions
- Some member variables are replaced with local ones. Might break some custom maps that override ASP functions.
  - Cleaned up Communitu_79a as well (v3.0.0, breaks compatibility)
  - The maps in the Mapscripts folder are now labelled "for VP" and will be supported
      All other custom maps that override AssignStartingPlots functions are NOT supported by default
      azum4roll: ask me if you want a map to guarantee compatibliity

    Submarine Line
      Replaced the entire promotion line with a new one, detailed below
      New icons by gwennog

      [New Promotion Tree]
                                   ┌───► Commerce Raider
                                   ├───► Hunter Killer
                                   ├───► Wolfpack      ┌───► Indomitable
                                   │                   │
      Torpedo I ──┬──► Torpedo II ─┴───► Torpedo III ──┼───► Predator
                  │                                    │
                  ├──► Supply                          ├───► Infiltrators
                  │                                    │
                  └──► Navigator I ───► Navigator II   └───► Periscope Depth

      [Promotion Changes]
      Torpedo I, II, III
      - +30% Combat Strength when attacking units

      Commerce Raider
      - Pillaging costs no movement and fully heals this unit

      Hunter Killer
      - +50% CS vs Submarines & can see Submarines

      - +30% CS per adjacent friendly Submarine when attacking

      Periscope Depth
      - +40% CS when defending against all ranged attacks & 100% withdrawal from first melee attack each turn

      - Heal 15 HP when killing an enemy unit & ignore Zone of Control

      Navigator I, II
      - +1 Movement & +1 Sight

      - Can heal anywhere & heal 5 more HP when healing

      - +15% CS outside friendly territory, +15% CS when attacking wounded units, +10% CS if not adjacent to a friendly unit

      - +25% CS when defending & immunity to Boarded

    - Are no longer counted as a specialist by any game effect

    - Now base 4 Production (was 3)
    - Add +1 Production at Metal Casting

    - Loses +1 Trade Route

    - Gains +1 Trade Route

    - Gains +1 Trade Route

     - Slightly increased unit maintenance costs

     - Removed building prerequisites (unintended)

     - Submarine RCS buffed to 60 (was 55)
     - Attack Submarine RCS buffed to 72 (was 65)
     - Nuclear Submarine RCS buffed to 85 (was 75)
     - Changed the submarine line's free promotions:
        75% general attack bonus nerfed to +50% attack bonus VS units
          They keep the 75% attack penalty VS cities, so this is a large nerf when using them to attack cities
        Removed innate ability to see other submarines
     - Reworked the Submarine line's promotions (see Promotions)

     - Gains Brute Force promotion

     Great Merchant
     - Trade Missions now generate 20% of the last 10 turns of gross GPT + instant yields (was 50% of net)
        The previous formula could result in zero Gold being generated if the player was doing poorly enough
     - Owned and self-built Towns increase this amount by 20% each (was 25%), scaling with game speed

     Great Musician
     - Concert Tours now award +1 Happiness in every city instead of +2 in the capital

  War Weariness
  - Reworked the system in accordance with proposal (6-54) with a few tweaks
  - It is hard to summarize, but in brief:
     You now have a separate War Weariness (capped at 0-100%) with each player, displayed in the War Status tooltip
     After 10 turns at war (15 for bribed/co-op wars), this value increases slowly each turn, moreso if you're stronger
     It also goes up by the same amounts as before when you perform an action that increases war score
     Making peace halves your War Weariness % only with the player(s) you make peace with
       It also continues to halve every turn as long as you don't go to war again
     Liberating a city reduces your War Weariness by 25% of its current amount with all players
     Your War Weariness is based on the highest War Weariness % among all players
       So if you're 47% weary of your war with Russia and 88% weary of your war with the Celts, it is 88%
       Your highest War Weariness with any player - the highest priority for peace - is displayed in the War Weariness tooltip
       If you cannot make peace with the player, or if AI is unwilling to make peace with a human player, that player is ignored
       For 2 turns after capturing a city, your War Weariness with a player will "freeze" and stop applying
         Roleplay wise, this is your citizens being hopeful for a speedy resolution or victory to the conflict
         Functionally, this is to make things fair between AI and human players (due to the "no peace" pause)
     Tourism influence, tech progress %, longest war length, and other such opaque factors no longer apply to War Weariness
     War Weariness no longer changes gradually, it simply updates to the correct value once per turn
     1/3 of the highest War Weariness % (after modifiers) is added as Unhappiness and a reduction to max unit supply (max. 34%)
     3/4 of the highest War Weariness % (after modifiers) is added as cost increases for new military units (max. 75%)

   "We Love The King" Day
   - Only luxuries which the player has revealed on the map can be chosen
       Despite the fact that already-owned resources can be chosen, and this could make it too common...but Vox Populi
       We demand Whales! We demand Whales!

     - Moved from Metal Casting to Iron Working
     - Production cost and policy requirement reduced to match

     Notre Dame
     - Gains +30% base religious pressure from all owned cities following your official religion
     - Loses free Golden Age

   World Congress
   - Failed Global Hegemony votes now add 5 additional delegates to the top two contenders (was 2 delegates)
   - Traded votes are now considered permanent items instead of temporary items
       They will still be cast if war is declared
       If the option is no longer valid, the votes are wasted for that session instead of being returned
       This makes Diplomats significantly more useful & allows you to purchase them with instant Gold
   - Reworked "X votes per 8 City-States" to be the more granular "1 vote per X City-States"
       Palace of Westminster: 2 votes per 8 CS -> 1 vote per 4 CS
       Treaty Organization: 4 votes per 8 CS -> 1 vote per 2 CS

  Deal/Diplomacy AI Changes
  - Except in a peace deal or human-to-human trade, cities originally founded by a player can no longer be traded away
  - Human permanent items can now be traded for the AI's temporary items if the human so chooses, but:
      The AI will not make offers that consist of the human's permanent items for the AI's temporary items
      If "What will make this deal work?" is clicked, the AI will only suggest permanent items if temporary items won't work
  - Adjusted the order in which AI players add items to trade deals to be more intelligent for them & less annoying to humans
  - AI is more willing to accept demands from players they hate, but will always refuse if the player is "untrustworthy"
  - AI now takes into account unimproved resources in their empire when buying strategics
  - AI now takes into account extra happiness from luxuries (difficulty / Industry finisher) when valuing luxury resources
  - Halved victory dispute level opinion modifier as it was excessive
  - Buffed base Diplomat opinion modifier to +20 (was +15), no longer applies if player has recent spying penalties
  - Improved AI taunts so they have more options to choose from & are correctly estimating when military strength is weak

  Tactical/Homeland AI Changes
  - Tactical AI is now more aggressive, retreats more intelligently
  - Improved gathering process for AI armies
  - Increased AI priority for rescuing its endangered or damaged units
  - Increased AI caution when handling prophets and archaeologists
  - Increased AI caution when it is in a defensive tactical position

  Worker AI Changes
  - Blocked AI from building roads through cities that are being razed
  - AI will not take city connection bonuses into accounts when building roads in cities that already have a connection
  - Masters will now build routes through vassals' lands when needed
  - AI will no longer build villages on roads that are about to be removed
  - AI can build routes through City-State territory even if they don't have a quest for it
  - Routes between non-capital cities also benefit Villages and Towns; AI updated to take this into account
  - Route removal priority slightly increased
  - AI will now build profitable routes even when they are currently losing Gold
  - AI will no longer build Railroads to fulfill City-State quests
  - Misc. cleanup & bugfixes

  Other AI Changes
  - AI taught to use new espionage system
  - AI taught to use new India UA
  - AI Celts should avoid actively spreading their religion to other civs
  - AI is now allowed to build defensive buildings even if near bankruptcy
  - City-States and Barbarians now ignore their current GPT entirely when producing things
  - Settler production and site selection logic has been rewritten to make the AI more aggressive with expansion
  - Improved settling recommendations for humans
  - Small adjustments to city governor
  - Removed Washington's primary Victory Pursuit Hint towards Culture Victory; now has no hint
  - AI should no longer consider how a World Congress proposal affects other players with 0 cities (Complete Kills option)

- Culture Overview now has a feature in the Influence from Player Tab to swap to Influence on Player
    This allows you to see which other Civs the selected Civ got influenced by
    For easier determination of which ideology they might lean to or fall to
- Culture Overview now allows you to sort by Tourism output
- The Luxury Resource Panel is now indexed into 4 pages.
     Owned Resources, Imported Resources, Exported Resources and Available Resources
- When hovering over a building, you can now press H to hide it from the production queue (EUI only)
    Hidden status is not saved for non-host players in multiplayer
    A new Unhide Buildings button is added as well
- When hovering over a building, the tiles that it would boost are now highlighted (also EUI only)
- Accumulated Faith is now visible on the top panel after founding a religion
- City-State UI now shows you contenders who have invested resting Influence into a City-State
- The # of turns until you will receive a unit gift from a Militaristic CS is now displayed in the UI
- Corporate HQs, Offices and Franchises now add a publicly visible icon to the city banner
- Franchise buildings are now labelled as "Franchise" for clarity
- Personal and global City-State quests are now separated in the UI for clarity
- When investing in a spaceship part, the number of turns shown in the city screen is updated immediately
- In the production selection screen, purchased spaceship parts also have the (INVESTED) tag and have updated production costs (non-EUI only)
- Khan UU now has a new unit flag
- Clarified that the Empire Size Tourism Penalty is based on the difference of city counts
- Global Mutual Exclusiveness is now displayed in the UI
    Only affects the American World Wonders
- Removed annoying NumCityCostMod value on Palace, Tradition NWs, and Consulate
- Removed Rival Territory promotion from Missionaries (Unwelcome Evangelist already explains that it allows this)
- Various text fixes

Major Bugfixes
- Fixed the game crashing when desyncing in multiplayer
- Fixed an infinite loop when starting the game with certain resource settings
- Fixed a crash with AI movement operations
- Fixed a crash with AI army management
- Fixed a unit panel crash
- Fixed enormous starting unit supply when starting in later eras
- Fixed City-States not constructing buildings
- Fixed a nasty bug causing AI units to get stuck in place
- Fixed an issue where Settlers would get stuck in a loop
- Fixed a bug preventing the AI from capturing cities
- Fixed several bugs with investment and spaceship parts
- Fixed Boarded plague not restoring full movement upon expiring
- Fixed adjacent civilians being killed when a Barbarian encampment is captured
- Fixed incorrect spy capture/kill chances in Community Patch Only

Minor Bugfixes
- Fixed Production bonus from internal Trade Routes not scaling correctly
- Fixed numerous bugs and issues with the Tyranny tenet, Pledges of Protection, and associated City-State code
- Fixed incorrect monopoly notifications when building East India Company
- Fixed non-EUI lua runtime error
- Fixed Embassy build action saying it cannot be built on top of resources, and that it will connect the resource to you
- Fixed being able to exceed the supercarrier limit of 2
- Fixed Inspired Works belief not affecting Landmarks
- Fixed multiple buildings of the same type in modmods not displaying GPP properly
- Fixed an issue with the Ship of the Line's description
- Fixed embarked units having a base vision of 0 instead of 1, necessitating +2 vision for extra sight promotions
- Fixed City-States' city banner not updating immediately when enabling/disabling Influence gain from quests
- Fixed two identical lines appearing in the UI for the Tourism bonus towards vassals
- Fixed rare bug where AI is indecisive about where to build roads, causing it to build two different roads for the same purpose
- Fixed some issues with the pathfinder
- Fixed some cases where Songhai/Iroquois route trait wasn't taken into account in route pathfinding
- Fixed bug causing Worker recommendations not to work
- Fixed military unit supply cap jumping around in value
- Fixed incorrect planned road maintenance cost calculation
- Fixed AI removing roads LESS often when losing money rather than the other way around
- Fixed AI vassals removing their masters' roads
- Fixed a bug blocking the construction of roads in some cases
- Fixed AI sometimes not clearing their route caches if they only have one city


Online as of 11:43 PM CST on December 25. Not savegame compatible.

Version 4.4 released. Link above has been updated.

- Fixed a merge issue where City-States were so excited about the new quest that they would try to give billions of Juggernaut units, crashing the game (fix breaks savegames)
- Fixed missing promotion icon/+25 HP for Juggernaut units
- Fixed spy mission options appearing twice in the menu (and probably other associated bugs)
- Worker AI now slightly less aggressive at reusing the same roads
- Vassal pressure bonus for master is now a global define
- Fixed Vassalage Happiness Yield (since it was only rewarding up to 0-5 Happiness). It will now properly give you 10% of a Vassal's excess Happiness.
- Added 2 tooltips explaining how Vassal Maintenance is calculated (from Population and Unit Maintenance).

Online as of 1:53 PM CST on December 26. Not savegame compatible due to the merge fix.

Version 4.4.1 released. Link above has been updated.

- Fixed two crashes
- Fixed being unable to open the City-State screen (non-EUI version)

Online as of 12:31 PM CST on December 27. Savegame compatible with 4.4 versions.

Version 4.4.2 released. Link above has been updated.

- Reverted change to difficulty bonuses on non-Standard gamespeeds
- Disabled the coup quest properly
- Unavailable Great People are now displayed in red text for Mayan free Great Person prompt
- Improved Unit Supply tooltip for clarity
- Text fixes
- Fixed two spy-related crashes
- Fixed Great Leap Forward's doubled NP gain not functioning
- Fixed an issue with resource links being activated for unimproved resources (Stone Works without Quarry, etc.)
- Fixed Rocket Missiles costing unit supply (fix is not savegame compatible)
- Fixed insanely high vassal happiness bonus to master
- Fixed Rock of Gibraltar terrain being classified as 'hills' rather than 'mountain'
- Fixed rivers in Communitas map
- Fixed Disable Start Bias option causing map generation errors
- Fixed Indian Great Prophets being expended when founding a religion (was functioning correctly for enhancing/Holy Sites)
- Fixed Indian Great Prophet animation bug when creating a Holy Site
- When a religion is founded, all of your lingering Great Prophets are reset to full power
   Part of the India fix, and a very slight buff to Byzantium
   But it's poor strategy to leave multiple prophets lying around rather than founding a second religion with them
   So whatever

Online as of 5:09 PM CST on December 31. Savegame compatible with 4.4 versions, except for the fix to Rocket Missiles.
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Somehow had the game freeze in a city-state's turn in like, turn 53 (epic). Wanted to post the issue on GitHub but looks like someone else (brsoft1981) already put a very similar freeze issue, after uncovering some tiles.
Somehow had the game freeze in a city-state's turn in like, turn 53 (epic). Wanted to post the issue on GitHub but looks like someone else (brsoft1981) already put a very similar freeze issue, after uncovering some tiles.
Same for me T16.
*Gathering strength and motivation to finish the compatibility updates...*
Version 4.4 released. Link in OP has been updated.

- Fixed a merge issue where City-States were so excited about the new quest that they would try to give billions of Juggernaut units, crashing the game (fix breaks savegames)
- Fixed missing promotion icon/+25 HP for Juggernaut units
- Fixed spy mission options appearing twice in the menu (and probably other associated bugs)
- Worker AI now slightly less aggressive at reusing the same roads
- Vassal pressure bonus for master is now a global define
- Fixed Vassalage Happiness Yield (since it was only rewarding up to 0-5 Happiness). It will now properly give you 10% of a Vassal's excess Happiness.
- Added 2 tooltips explaining how Vassal Maintenance is calculated (from Population and Unit Maintenance).

Online as of 1:53 PM CST. Not savegame compatible due to the merge fix.
Buffed Wat's Science boost to Shrines and Temples to +3 (was +2)
Working but text not updated to reflect this.

Edit: Seem to get reproducible CTD when hovering over Smokehouse in city screen. Anyone else?
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