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1.17f Editor


Feb 16, 2002
Adelaide, Australia
Hi, I updated to the 1.17f version and everything seemed ok. I went on playing a game, it was a map I was testing. The map was virtually complete and after discovering a few small things I wanted to change I went back in to the editor. Once I was done I re-saved the map. I went back in the game and discovered the problem of the wrong editor version. I came here to this site and got the new editor update but once I loaded that I found not only can I not play the map cause its the wrong editor version but the new editor does not allow me toload the map either. I am wondering if there is anything I can do to fix my map so it can be loaded by the editor or game other than spending hours trying to re-create the map, I would appriciate any ideas??
The specific error message I receive when trying to load my map using the updated editor is:

ERROR: Incompatible Civ3 Scenario File version.

Any ideas on how to fix the problem?
I have the same problem, I spent hours on editing my scenario and then that crap happened to me as well@!!!
Indeed, I have the same problem when I use the Civ "mod" tool thing, I can not play the game at all or even start a new game. Argh guess we are mod and edit less for now.

I only edited a few stats on a few units too!
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