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Editor file save problem with windows 11


Mar 29, 2021
Michigan, USA
II ran into a problem with both the conquests and ptw editors with windows 11. Fortunately, I was able to find a solution but I thought I should post it here for anybody else that might have the same problem.

Problem: After creating a map or scenario with the editor I saved it to the scenarios folder. I could re-open it with the editor using the file/open command. However, if I tried to open it with the game program using load scenario or navigate to it with windows explorer it wasn’t there. I also tried saving it to other locations with the same result.

Solution: Be sure to set the editors to run in compatibility mode for windows 95/98 or xp. Also check the run as administrator box. Compatibility mode can be found by right clicking the program file / properties / compatibility tab.
If you create the biq with adm and it is in the windows program folder, other app's will need to have adm access to use it. I normally install civ outside of the program file directory, so they do not need adm auth.
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