189% Inflation


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Feb 14, 2006
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I was playing as the Deutch on an archipalego map. It's the modern age and i have a lot of cities but finances are fine untill i look at the inflation 1427gpt and 189%. I know there is no way to reduce inflation but is there a way to keep it or reduce the speed that it increases it, to help in later games?
Pretty new to civ 4, but in the assets\gameinfo\sic4gamespeedinfo.xml there are 2 values relating to inflation. %, and offset (a negative number) That may be a starting point?

Hopefully the patch makes it out soon, it says it at least caps inflation. Currently, it does seem to get a bit out of control late in the game.
The national bank event helps a lot (-25%) inflation, but you should be paying that much because you should be abusing of corps. Try Solver's patch and/or adopt State Propriety

I'm not an expert in inflation, but this should help!;)

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use the Solver Patch.

Inflation isn't so bad once corporations aren't affected by it.
Look on the bright side - at least it's not 190%.

Then go and kill another Civ... you'll feel much better.
Yeah, colonies are known to cost HUGE maintenance after a while, with unpatched inflation those costs get ridicilous. I'm using Solver's patch but before it, I had corporations causing global depressions. Global Civic: Enviromentalism + Corpo spam = lol.
189%, watch out Robert Mugabe, theres someone nipping at your heels.
And the income/output of your empire - which grows with your number of cities. Kaching!

Well the % has nothing to do with Anything besides how long you've been playing.
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