(2-06b) Counterproposal: Rome Rework - Wide Happiness Bonus (amended)

CS placement is specifically NOT in great locations by design. The game plops them in low fertility places like tundra or small islands specifically so CS stay out of players’ way. So no, CS cities are usually not even worth conquering, and that’s deliberate.
Yes, some have poor locations. Many times they have good/great locations. It's not strictly based on yield. Luxuries, choke points, re-supply points, etc. Many times they will have strategic resources as well. These things all matter to the warmonger.
Multiplicative, applied before reduction. Clarified in the proposal.

I must admit I understood only now that walls etc. reduce the Empire Size Modifier by 5 percentage points, and not by 5% of the Modifier, maybe we want to change the building descriptions to make this more clear.
Proposal sponsored by axatin.
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