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20 years of Civ3, and a proposal for 20 more

Another suggestion after a lot of Civ3-playing over this past week: How about making governments not necessarily have to choose between forced labour or overpayment to hurry construction at cities, but instead having bonuses or penalties for one or the other, and/or the modder setting which to allow?

Also, how about having more than one construction queue, possibly one for buildings and one for units? (this is just brainstorming, if there is a better thread for my ramblings-of-a-madman bursts of inspiration redirect me there)
This is awesome. I have some ideas, these might be taken care of just with the overhaul, or thought of already. But one of my biggest obsticles in modding is ibt on larger scenarios mainly due in part to trade calculations with harbors and airports. I'm not a coder by any means, but I would imagine there would be a better way to run that feature that is more efficient.
Would it be possible to add in the possibility of multiple worlds in the same game, like in Civ 2: ToT? Then we could have an extended game with a future era, and properly colonize Alpha Centauri- not to mention the literally limitless uses for fantasy and sci-fi mods.
^I have already proposed a height component like in Open TTD and the old X-COM games to allow for such things in special (non-vanilla-civ) scenarios.
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