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[Vote] (5-04) God of War Change Proposals

Approval Vote for Proposal #4

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Aug 9, 2017
Alberta, Canada
Current God of War, as of Congress 3:
:c5faith:Faith from Kills (175% of unit CS), and Melee units heal for 10 points after killing a military unit.
+2:c5faith:2:c5production: from Barracks.

Proposal 5-04
Author: pineappledan
Title: Nerf God of War

Remove heal on kill from God of War

It's too strong right now, and doesn't need 3 abilities. It's pretty much the default pick if you are going warmonger that game, because it gives so much more value than any other pantheon option.
The :c5faith: on kills already keeps the ability scaling and relevant. An additional heal on kill is unnecessary
Adding Heal on Kill here stacks too much too fast with Authority.

Counterproposal 5-04a
Discussion Thread: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/5-cp-counterproposal-change-god-of-war.684592/
Author: Anarcomu
:c5faith:Faith from Kills (150% of unit CS), and Melee units gain 4 XP after killing a military unit.
+2:c5faith:1:c5production: from Barracks.

After playing a while with this pantheon, I found that I can reliably found very early in the game, and even enhanced early as well (though "Hero Worship" might be the reason there), so reducing :c5faith: on kill to 150% looks okay in my book.
The heal on kill is indeed very strong, allowing you to keep pushing, so I propose a bonus 4 XP on melee kill ; it makes your units less "tanky" and add a bonus which exists nowhere else (except with India 4UC).
The faith and production to barracks stacks with Authority which also buff barracks, making them super-buildings. I think reducing :c5production: by 1 would be ok.
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I'd welcome a total rework of this belief, it tries too hard to mimic Aztec kit and playing any authority civs with it makes for too similar games. It also scales too hard as the game progresses, that's beyond what a pantheon should help with if you ask me, especially a easy founder one.
Agree with this. I am sure it is always chosen over other pantheons if one plays any Authority civs, especially the Aztecs.
I'm questioning if the faith bump here is really need with this "nerf".

I mean even without the healing, I still feel like this will be a go to pantheon for many warmongers, and the faith yields right now are strong enough to give it excellent founding potential. More faith just feels like overkill.

I would argue that the pantheon before was simply overpowered in warmonger hands, and could stand a straight nerf rather than a nerf + buff.
sure. I'll just straight nerf.

Just figured an extra 25% is small potatoes and it wasn't worth having weird math.
God of War is too strong and needs to be nerfed back down.

Adding XP on kill is a buff.

Don’t buff the thing that needs to be nerfed.
Its only for melee, its only on kill, I dont agree, I think the heal is stronger and this fits the pantheon.
Well, that's the same for actual heal (only for melee on kill). The question is : Is xp better than heal ? I agree now that 4 xp is far too strong.
Well, that's the same for actual heal (only for melee on kill). The question is : Is xp better than heal ? I agree now that 4 xp is far too strong.
Something I didnt think of is that the 4 exp probably still applies on barbs which breaks the barb exp cap (for those who use that setting).
Heal on kill makes barb clearing and agressive play in general more effective, instead of retreat you can go for the kill.
If I get a promo or two extra on some of my melee units that doesnt make much difference ... for me, but reading comments it seems very strong for others.
You also get 10 hp on level up, so 4 xp is also sometimes 10 hp heal on kill.
Well, you do get that 10hp one turn later, in some specific cases you don't get the occasion to gain those 10 hp.
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