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Aug 9, 2017
Alberta, Canada
Current Feitoria:
only buildable on coast not adjacent to another feitoria
3:c5gold:3:c5production: base yield
+2:c5culture:at printing press
+2:c5gold:at astronomy
+2:c5production: at industrialization

+1:c5gold: for every adjacent water tile
+1:c5production: for every adjacent fishing boat

Gives vision in 2 tile radius
25%:c5strength: tile defense

Can be placed by a Caravel in city state territory
gives Portugal a copy of that city-state's luxuries
trade routes to that city-state give :c5food::c5production: to the origin city scaling with the TR's :c5gold: gold per turn

Proposal 5-08
Author: Pineappledan
Remove the adjacency bonuses for water and fishing boats
increase base yields of the improvement to 4:c5gold:3:c5production:
change the tech bonus on printing press from 2:c5culture: to 2:c5science:

  • the adjacencies are redundant with the placement limitations. They do not affect the decision of where to place feitorias, because the primary concern is maximizing spots, not adjacencies.
  • They add more complexity to the most complex improvement that exists in the game
  • The Feitoria is currently so loaded with abilities that the abilities description runs off the screen, and causes user interface issues at lower resolutions.
  • There are other improvements in the game that need adjacencies to feel special (eg. moai, eki), or to counterbalance their placement restrictions (eg. Kasbah). The adjacencies on feitoria only serve to make adjacencies a common bonus, and therefore less interesting where they are needed.
  • The 2:c5culture: on printing press gives the Feitoria the same :c5gold::c5production::c5culture: yield types as a village. Portugal is already more of a :c5science: civ, and Feitoria could bolster that instead of pulling against it by copying the village.
  • The +1 :c5gold: on the feitoria itself should compensate for the loss of the adjacencies. You were probably not going to work blank ocean tiles anyways, so that was just visual bloat.

Proposal 5-08a
Discussion Thread: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/5-cp-proposal-feitoria-can-act-as-a-canal.684468/


FeitoriaEverything it does right now or will be changed.Everything it does right now or will be changed with the addition of Feitoria being able to act as a canal like the Fort.

For code-savvy people, enable MakesPassable for Feitoria.
I like when the Nau sometimes places its Feitoria on a City-State plot between two sea plots of water. I would love to use it as a canal. It lets Portugal make two-tile canals without using a city or citadel and you know cargo ships can use those canals as well... it's interesting you have this cool trading post... that can act more like a fort!
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