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[Vote] (5-79) Rebalance National Wonder Base Production Cost

Approval Vote for Proposal #79

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Jul 17, 2018
Voting Instructions
Players, please cast your votes in the poll above. Vote "Yea" if you'd be okay if this proposal was implemented. Vote "Nay" if you'd be okay if this proposal wasn't implemented.

You can vote for both options, which is equivalent to saying "I'm fine either way", but adds to the required quorum of 25 votes in favor.

All votes are public. If you wish, you can discuss your choice(s) in the thread below. You can change your vote as many times as you want until the poll closes.

VP Congress: Session 5, Proposal 79

Recall that production cost of an National Wonder is base cost * (1 + number of cities * 25%). Per city scaler is 10% instead of 25% for Unique National Wonders.


Tech Tier (of base NW if UNW)National Wonder(s)Current Base :c5production: CostNew Base :c5production: Cost
Classical T1Heroic Epic
Scrivener's Office
Classical T2School of Philosophy
National Monument
Cirucs Maximus
Royal Library
Piazza San Marco
Medieval T1Oxford University
Grand Temple
Medieval T2Ironworks
East India Company
White Tower
Great Cothon
Arsenale di Venezia
Rialto District
Murano Glassworks
Renaissance T1Printing Press125200
Renaissance T2Hermitage
Independence Hall
**Modern T1 (American UNW)The Smithsonian
West Point
Hoover Dam
1500 (not scaling with number of cities)720 (+10% per city)
Modern T2 + Ideology NWForeign Bureau
Palace of Culture and Science
International Finance Center
Hall of Honor
Atomic T2National Intelligence Agency125900

**SPECIAL NOTE: If proposal 5-13 passes, https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/5-13-america-3-wonder-slater-mill-changes.684368/
, this line in the table will be ignored.

New base cost is the building cost of the same tier divided by 250%, which is the scaling if you have 6 cities.

The 125 :c5production: Production base cost is a leftover value from BNW, which limits the building of National Wonders to having the required building in all cities.

VP removed this requirement and instead requires only one building and reaching a certain empire :c5citizen: Population, while also increasing the :c5production: Production cost based on the number of cities (punishing wide). This with the constant 125 base cost means that National Wonders are extremely expensive in early game but always cost 1 turn to build in late game.

This proposal intends to make it so that they cost roughly the same as a regular building.
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MAGI: Updated proposal to further highlight how the proposal changes if 5-13 is passed. No actual changes to proposal.
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